Waiting and watching
Nov 30 2015
In the month of December, the church waits in wonder and awe for the coming of its God. The world waits for the coming of Santa Claus. Both celebrations can be enjoyed as long as we keep God in first place.

Advent darkness gives way to light
Nov 25 2015
We who wait in the darkness of Advent rejoice in the great light of the Incarnation we celebrate at Christmas. And sometimes we have problems sharing the joy of Christmas, and continuing to live as a people who have been saved by the birth of an infant 2,000 years ago.

Nine bishops and one abbot dine, dialogue with peace activists
Nov 25 2015
During the recent U.S. Catholic bishops’ fall assembly in Baltimore, several bishops and one abbot, decided to skip dinner at the downtown Marriott Waterfront hotel, and walked several blocks to an inner city parish to share a simple meal with about 30 peace activists – myself included.

One Baltimore: A 125th anniversary celebration of unity
Nov 20 2015
That the Mission Helpers celebrated 125 years by a benefit, not for themselves but for two organizations that are dedicated to the musical growth of Baltimore children, makes a strong statement about their belief that “One Baltimore” can become a reality, and illustrates their readiness to foster that unity.

John Carroll 200 years later
Nov 19 2015
Archbishop Carroll’s pioneering example gives every generation a lasting legacy on which to build upon anew.

Accepting advice and dialogue
Nov 05 2015
Adults are supposed to be mature, but we can still get emotional, especially when we want to see the people we love do well in life.

Amen: On the trail with Father Beshoner
Oct 29 2015
After a long hiatus, Father Beshoner recently relaunched Catholic Under the Hood with a seemingly monumental mission: telling the 2,000-year history of the Catholic Church from apostolic times to the present.

Local Catholic publishing changes with times
Oct 29 2015
Through 160 years as the Catholic Mirror, the Baltimore Catholic Review and the Catholic Review, our team has been providing news and information in a Catholic context for our readers.

The 2015 Synod and the mission of the family
Oct 29 2015
The Synod on the Family formally ended Oct. 24, but the discussion continues regarding what the bishops discussed and what Pope Francis may decide about the church’s future.

Supreme Court is not perfect; God’s law is
Oct 15 2015
The Supreme Court was wrong in Dred Scott. The Supreme Court was wrong in Plessy v. Ferguson. The Supreme Court was wrong in Roe v. Wade. The Supreme Court was wrong in Obergefell v. Hodges. The Supreme Court lacks the jurisdiction to overrule God’s definition of marriage.