Guest Commentary: What I learned on pilgrimage
Oct 02 2015
Father John J. "Jack" Lombardi reflects on the pilgrimage he led from Baltimore to Philadelphia to see Pope Francis.

On the Pope Francis trail
Oct 02 2015
Throughout the pope’s visit, I was amazed at his stamina and his deft touch. Without glitz, he was a star but his stardom was illumined by the light of Christ.

‘Necessary to do that which is too much’
Oct 02 2015
The pope changed no church doctrine in his 18 speeches and homilies over six days. But he changed a lot of attitudes with his well-crafted words.

Amen: Strong women bolster pilgrimage
Sep 30 2015
Paul McMullen shares a reflection on two women who helped support the 110-mile walking pilgrimage from Baltimore to Philadelphia.

Visit with Feet for Francis pilgrims releases flood of Baltimore memories
Sep 25 2015
Nothing stirs memories of Archdiocese of Baltimore Catholic schools like seeing archdiocesan pilgrims tromp past your home turf in Pennsylvania.

Up close and personal with the pope
Sep 18 2015
I’m fairly sure that I have never seen a pope without writing about it or taking pictures for publication. That’s not a bad thing, but it changes your perspective a bit.

Yearning to see pope is a family tradition
Sep 18 2015
Deacon Miguel Sainz and his wife, Isabel, met St. John Paul II in October 1995, when the pope visited the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen in Homeland. (Special to the Review/Olivia Obineme)

Art in Heaven
Sep 17 2015
Monsignor Valenzano had a unique and enormous capacity for friendship. Not unlike St. John Paul II, he had the personality of a priest, which served as a bridge to everything and everyone. He was like a superhighway to Christ.

Manchester parish marches on
Sep 09 2015
When St. Bartholomew attained parish status in 1965, there were fewer than 100 registered families; today there are just slight of 1,500.

Catholic Schools Rise Above
Sep 03 2015
The tag line, “Rise Above,” speaks to parents who wish their children to aim higher – academically, spiritually, athletically and morally.