Archbishop Lori’s Homily: 40th Anniversary of Priesthood
May 22 2017
I think I can also safely say that a happy priesthood is like a happy marriage. There are ups and downs but most there is happiness in living this vocation.

Our Lady of Fatima and a theological reading of history
May 19 2017
The series of Fatima appearances — lasting from May until October of 1917 — is one of the most extraordinary in the history of the church.

Become Missionary Disciples
May 17 2017
As your archbishop, I have the responsibility to plan for the future of the archdiocese through the structure of parishes and schools, as well as the assignment and development of pastoral resources.

Good examples of virtue
May 16 2017
Virtue is a habit, not a bit of information. We acquire it by copying good examples.

How often should a deacon preach?/Adoption by same-sex couple
May 16 2017
Father Doyle fields questions on deacons preaching at Mass and the Catholic Church's position on adoption by same-sex couples.

Archbishop Lori’s Homily: Belmont Abbey College Baccalaureate Mass
May 15 2017
Believe, dear graduates, not only that the Lord loves you and that he is seeking your friendship in return for his; but believe also that the Lord has something in mind for you.

Archbishop Lori's Homily: 150th Anniversary of St. Thomas Aquinas Parish
May 14 2017
As we celebrate the 150th anniversary of St. Thomas Aquinas Parish it is important that we turn our attention to its foundations.

Priests born out of wedlock?/ Marriage to non-Christian
May 09 2017
Father Doyle fields questions on priests born out of wedlock and marriage to a non-Christian.

Amen: In Baltimore, five quick years for Archbishop Lori
May 09 2017
Five years in as the 16th shepherd of the first diocese in the United States, it seems like Archbishop Lori is just getting started.

Archbishop Lori's Homily: Permanent diaconate ordination
May 08 2017
By remaining in the Lord’s love, we grow in our capacity to love others not merely as we love ourselves but rather as Christ has loved them – with an utterly generous, sacrificial love.

Doing good by resisting evil
May 03 2017
The strength to resist evil and the power to do good can sum up the moral behavior of Christians.

Archbishop Lori's funeral homily for Congressman Lawrence J. Hogan Sr.
May 01 2017
The victory which Larry sought throughout his long and accomplished life was not only to enter the halls of government but indeed to enter the halls of heaven where the saints rejoice forever in the presence of the Triune God

Tired of religious discrimination?
Apr 26 2017
New U.S. Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch hit the ground running in April, taking part in oral arguments on what I see as this year’s most important case.

Let’s not make a least this deal
Apr 26 2017
The only Church unity worthy of the name is unity within the full symphony of Catholic truth.