Archbishop Lori Homily: Mid-Atlantic Congress
Feb 21 2017
All our plans, all our meetings, all our writings and strategies – all of this will profit us nothing unless we heed the call to discipleship in its most radical form as presented for us in today’s Gospel.

Love and mercy in politics
Feb 16 2017
Catholics advancing social justice sometimes wonder: Will my efforts have a lasting impact? Am I building God’s kingdom or will all of this be wiped away?

Physician-assisted suicide offers no dignity, no compassion
Feb 15 2017
The bill provides no protection for those with disabilities, who are especially vulnerable to coercion or pressure.

Shopping on Sunday?/ Mixed marriage long ago
Feb 14 2017
Father Doyle answers questions on shopping on Sunday and 'mixed marriages.'

Touched by God’s mercy
Feb 14 2017
When I walk out of the confessional, I always feel lighter, loved, forgiven and touched by God’s mercy.

How to end the day
Feb 14 2017
Not only should we count our blessings at the end of the day, we should give God thanks and praise for all the ways he has blessed us.

Amen: Can Big Brother make you virtuous?
Feb 09 2017
A government can’t make its citizens virtuous by bribing them or threatening them with punishment.

What makes the world go round?
Feb 07 2017
We all matter. We are all equally valuable despite artificial distinctions of class and salary.

Archbishop Lori's Homily: Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Feb 05 2017
Catholics face stiff headwinds when they are serious about their faith. Pope Francis’ term for all this is “polite persecution.”

Our Back Pages: 'Two for One'
Feb 03 2017
Three time in the history of the Archdiocese of Baltimore, two auxiliary bishops were ordained on the same day.

You can lead a boy to homework, but you can’t make him think
Feb 02 2017
You can lead a boy to homework, but you can’t make him think. Sooner or later, every parent makes this discovery. How then, is a concerned parent going to find the ignition switch that will start the learning engine that lies hidden between the ears of his or her developing child?

Archbishop Lori's Homily: Catholic Schools Week
Jan 30 2017
I pray that the Lord will continue to touch my soul and yours so that we may be free of bad influences and instead be true followers of Jesus as active members of his church.

Archbishop Lori writes letter concerning executive orders on immigration
Jan 30 2017
"Our faith compels us to work for the dignity and justice of all people," Archbishop Lori said.

Being Catholic first
Jan 24 2017
And as usual, Catholics’ tendency to pick the winner raises a question: Are we leading the country or following the crowd? Does our faith make us different?