A first anniversary
May 16 2013
How is it possible that it is the first anniversary of my installation as Archbishop of Baltimore?

To hear God's voice, you have to listen
May 14 2013
As I write this column, the events around the Boston Marathon are still unfolding. Allow me to share a true story. I know a couple from Minnesota, Darlene and Ron. Darlene is my official hair cutter.

Mother’s Day holds special meaning for new mom
May 03 2013
Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and it takes on new meaning for me this year because it’s my first as a mother.

Put faith in the Risen Lord
May 02 2013
Psychologists tell us that most of human behavior can be summed up in the three wants: approval, control and safety. The seven deadly sins could be summed up in some form of wanting.

Prison ministry: ‘Looking for something good to do’
Apr 04 2013
Bishop Rozanski's visit to the Maryland Correctional Institution for Women leaves the imprisoned women feeling renewed and encouraged.

Pope offers lesson in humility
Feb 14 2013
Long before Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger assumed the papal throne and Archbishop William E. Lori sat on the chair of John Carroll, the churchmen shared a bumpy flight between Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.

Commentary: Is God a Ravens fan?
Feb 07 2013
CRMedia CEO Christopher Gunty talks about God's role in football.

Ray Lewis - A second chance, a committed life
Jan 19 2013
An excellent player from the start, Ray began in the NFL with the brand new Baltimore team, the Ravens, 17 years ago. Somehow he was implicated in a fatal double stabbing in Atlanta in 2000, plea-bargained down to obstruction of justice, paid his fine and did his time. No big news in any of that: it happens repeatedly, not only in Baltimore, either.

Breaking down barriers to women's education
Dec 30 2012
An estimated 32 million young women globally are denied access to education.

‘Doomsday preppers’ might be onto something
Dec 11 2012
There is something about Armageddon that fascinates even the least religious among us, as the silver screen has long attested.

Guest editorial: Same-sex parenting and sound science
Oct 29 2012
The science used to cast homosexual parenting in a neutral or even positive light has proved unsound.

Enjoy Every Moment With God
Sep 28 2012
When we reach out to help and comfort and hold each other, it is God reaching out and helping and comforting and holding us. Nothing less than God can explain the existence of existence. And nothing less than love can explain why God would want any of us around.

Lessons in frugality
Sep 28 2012
Living humbly does not have to exclude the occasional indulgence.

What good does a Year of Faith do?
Sep 06 2012
It is widely known that Pope Benedict XVI has called the Church to observe a “Year of Faith” beginning Oct. 11 of this year. This coincides with the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Second Vatican Council and the 20th anniversary of the publication of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. This Year of Faith will continue until the Solemnity of Christ the King in November 2013.