Africentric: St. Frances honoring Bill and Camille Cosby
Mar 30 2012
On April 20, St. Frances Academy will name its community center in honor of Dr. Camille Cosby and Dr. Bill Cosby.

See God's love during Holy Week
Mar 29 2012
Holy Week is at hand. How can we look at this holiest of times in a new way?

Almsgiving: an opportunity to serve
Mar 22 2012
Here we go again putting God in a box or a bottle.

Religious freedom: Not just Pakistan and China
Mar 22 2012
Thirty-some years ago, I spent a fair amount of time on religious freedom issues: which meant, in those simpler days, trying to pry Lithuanian priests and nuns out of Perm Camp 36 and other GULAG islands. Had you told me in 1982 that one of my “clients,” the Jesuit Sigitas Tamkevicius, would be archbishop of Kaunas in a free Lithuania in 2012, I would have thought you a bit optimistic. If you had also told me, back then, that there would eventually be serious religious freedom problems in the United States, I would have thought you a bit mad.

Celibacy demands staking one’s life on Christ
Mar 08 2012
Father Joseph Breighner reflects on Father Joe Cote's life.

The ‘holy’ finds a way into our life
Mar 01 2012
Father Breighner shares a story about St. Therese of Lisieux.

A rice bowl for all
Feb 27 2012
When I first heard about Operation Rice Bowl at my parish in America, I thought they were talking about something I knew so well from Chinese culture.

Intellect and Virtue: The contraception mandate and ‘cooperation with evil’
Feb 27 2012
The Affordable Care Act that Congress passed in 2010 directs employers to provide health insurance or pay a fine.

During Lent, there will be no burger with my fries
Feb 22 2012
Reporter Matt Palmer talks about Lenten sacrifices.

Getting into hot water isn't always bad
Feb 09 2012
Father Joseph Breighner talks about the physical and spiritual benefits of drinking water - hot or cold.

Komen's good work overshadowed by controversy
Feb 09 2012
What are the folks at Komen thinking? Perhaps the better question is: Are they thinking at all, or are they allowing themselves to be swayed by political pressures?

The cardinal Down Under
Feb 09 2012
George Weigel writes about his visit with Father George Pell, the cardinal archbishop of Sydney.

More matters that matter; ready for Operation Faith Lift?
Feb 09 2012
St. Ambrose "angels" are just one example of how black Catholics take evangelization to heart.

Thoughts on our Church: To Rome with sobering thoughts of home
Feb 07 2012
As I go to Rome for next week’s consistory, at which I will be elevated to the College of Cardinals, I do so with thoughts of the faith and ethical traditions that have long marked the Church in Baltimore, and the ethical standards that have been the hallmarks of the Maryland “experiment.”