Can the weather affect Communion at your parish?
Sep 06 2012
Hurricane Isaac rolled through the Gulf of Mexico, making landfall near the mouth of the Mississippi River. The confluence of the river, the Port of New Orleans and oil terminals in that area prompted a quick spike in prices at the gas pump, just in time for Labor Day travel.

Baltimore’s child bean pickers remembered
Sep 06 2012
In the wake of the Great Depression, making ends meet was tough for many in Baltimore’s burgeoning immigrant communities. With large families to feed and limited job opportunities, parents supplemented their income by sending their children to work on far-off farms in Delaware, Pennsylvania and elsewhere in Maryland.

Keep on Teaching, transformed
Sep 06 2012
Ready yourself for some groundbreaking news about the 2012 “Keep on Teaching” Forum Sept. 8. In its 22nd year of existence, this forum will undergo a metamorphosis.

See God through the lens of love
Aug 23 2012
As I write this in early August, I’m reflecting on life and retreats.

Back to School
Aug 23 2012
This morning, I did something I always dreamed of doing. I appeared on a concert hall stage – the Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall, to be exact.

Remember past, look to future, live in present
Aug 23 2012
As I travel through this busy world with its many ups and downs, like many others I get so caught up in things of the world that I sometimes forget to take time out for myself.

Hispanic Ministry heading to Ghana
Aug 23 2012
What is the connection between Hispanic ministry and Ghana?

Helpers wanted
Aug 01 2012
From the earliest days of our faith, Christians have answered the call of Christ to serve the hungry, the poor and the outcasts.

Don’t be a bystander on bullying
Aug 01 2012
The issue of bullying has received a great deal of public attention, spurred by the heartbreaking consequences of cases that garnered national media coverage.

Stop the violence, right now!
Jun 14 2012
Here it goes again. I hear sadness encircling me with the piercing sobbing of mothers and fathers, crying over the loss of a child.

Jesuit grew where he was planted
Jun 14 2012
Over the years there has been a lot of good-natured kidding about which groups of priests God likes the most.

Africentric: Power of a Catholic education
May 31 2012
Something miraculous happens when children come to learn and pray in our Catholic schools.

Editorial: Great heritage awaits Baltimore’s new shepherd
May 18 2012
When Archbishop William E. Lori took on the mantle of the Archdiocese of Baltimore May 16, he inherited a legacy.

Follow Daniel Rudd’s lead
May 03 2012
The date was Jan. 4, 1889, the occasion the last day of the of what was the first Black Catholic Lay Congress.