Love is both tolerant and intolerant
Mar 09 2017
To love is to will the good of the other as other. It is to break out of the black hole of one’s own self-regard and truly desire what is best for another.

Protect the vulnerable
Mar 02 2017
Look for the vulnerable in your community. Choose one or two segments of those who are most vulnerable and find a way to protect them.

Archbishop Lori's Homily: Ash Wednesday
Mar 02 2017
Let this be that Lent when we experience a breakthrough.

Lent and the culture of greed
Feb 28 2017
Our church talks often about a “culture of death,” but we need to hear more about our society’s “culture of greed.”

Archbishop Lori's Homily at Morgan State: 8th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Feb 28 2017
I am deeply grateful that the Archdiocese of Baltimore shares in the legacy of black history in Baltimore and beyond.

Question Corner: Changing names of churches/Thanking high donors
Feb 23 2017
Father Doyle answers reader questions about changing the names of churches and thanking high donors.

Archbishop Lori Homily: Mid-Atlantic Congress
Feb 21 2017
All our plans, all our meetings, all our writings and strategies – all of this will profit us nothing unless we heed the call to discipleship in its most radical form as presented for us in today’s Gospel.

Love and mercy in politics
Feb 16 2017
Catholics advancing social justice sometimes wonder: Will my efforts have a lasting impact? Am I building God’s kingdom or will all of this be wiped away?

Physician-assisted suicide offers no dignity, no compassion
Feb 15 2017
The bill provides no protection for those with disabilities, who are especially vulnerable to coercion or pressure.

Shopping on Sunday?/ Mixed marriage long ago
Feb 14 2017
Father Doyle answers questions on shopping on Sunday and 'mixed marriages.'

Touched by God’s mercy
Feb 14 2017
When I walk out of the confessional, I always feel lighter, loved, forgiven and touched by God’s mercy.

How to end the day
Feb 14 2017
Not only should we count our blessings at the end of the day, we should give God thanks and praise for all the ways he has blessed us.

Amen: Can Big Brother make you virtuous?
Feb 09 2017
A government can’t make its citizens virtuous by bribing them or threatening them with punishment.

What makes the world go round?
Feb 07 2017
We all matter. We are all equally valuable despite artificial distinctions of class and salary.