Archbishop Lori’s Homily at Mount St. Mary's University Campus Ministry Mass
Oct 24 2016
Pope Francis is also encouraging us, in spite of our own needs and problems, always to be compassionate toward others, especially the most vulnerable.

Shaking up the Church
Oct 20 2016
WikiLeaks revealed political operatives hoping to shake up the Church so that it would be conformed to their view of the world.

The trouble with the 'You Go Girl' culture
Oct 19 2016
My point is that it is altogether possible—and eminently desirable—to say “you go boy” with as much vigor as “you go girl.”

Amen: No place like the Archdiocese of Baltimore
Oct 19 2016
Never underestimate the challenges in our community, nor the opportunities therein.

Archbishop Lori's convocation address to priests of the Archdiocese of Baltimore
Oct 17 2016
But let us not allow the mechanics of the process, whatever its flaws may be, to veer us from being renewed in the mission of evangelization, and in seeing the creation of pastorates not as an end in itself but rather as a means to missionary conversion and authentic pastoral planning.

Heavenly aroma
Oct 17 2016
Sanctity knows no time limits. If you would journey with me back into the 1950s, to Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish in Essex, you would notice something very unusual.

Weighing life in the presidential election
Oct 11 2016
If we can agree that life is worth protecting, then let’s vote for the candidate we believe best protects it.

Archbishop Lori's Homily: Installation of Father Raymond Harris
Oct 10 2016
Father Harris follows a long line of distinguished priests yet he also brings gifts which, in my judgment and yours, are so necessary for Holy Family Parish at this juncture in its history.

Are outward signs of faith offensive?
Oct 06 2016
The most effective witness we give is our lives, lives of mercy and compassion.

Faithful Citizenship
Oct 06 2016
In making these choices, right reason recognizes that some things are so morally flawed that nothing can make them right nor is there ever a good reason for choosing them.

The love of a dog
Oct 04 2016
As a child, I had longed for a dog to walk and play with and call my own. I never dreamed that a dog could teach me so much about love. But she did. And she changed my world.

Our Back Pages: St. Mary’s Seminary opened 225 years ago in Baltimore
Oct 03 2016
The Baltimore seminary that produced some of this nation’s greatest churchmen had its humble beginning 225 years ago this month.

Archbishop Lori's Homily: Red Mass, Archdiocese of St. Louis
Oct 03 2016
Engaging our powers of reason and our will, natural law pulls us back from the precipice of imagining that there are no “self-evident” truths, nothing fixed, nothing objectively right and wrong.

The heart of leadership
Oct 03 2016
How I wish those desiring to lead our country could take to heart the message Archbishop Bernard A. Hebda of St. Paul and Minneapolis gave in his address at the August J.S. Paluch vocations seminar.