Faithful Citizenship
Oct 06 2016
In making these choices, right reason recognizes that some things are so morally flawed that nothing can make them right nor is there ever a good reason for choosing them.

The love of a dog
Oct 04 2016
As a child, I had longed for a dog to walk and play with and call my own. I never dreamed that a dog could teach me so much about love. But she did. And she changed my world.

Our Back Pages: St. Mary’s Seminary opened 225 years ago in Baltimore
Oct 03 2016
The Baltimore seminary that produced some of this nation’s greatest churchmen had its humble beginning 225 years ago this month.

Archbishop Lori's Homily: Red Mass, Archdiocese of St. Louis
Oct 03 2016
Engaging our powers of reason and our will, natural law pulls us back from the precipice of imagining that there are no “self-evident” truths, nothing fixed, nothing objectively right and wrong.

The heart of leadership
Oct 03 2016
How I wish those desiring to lead our country could take to heart the message Archbishop Bernard A. Hebda of St. Paul and Minneapolis gave in his address at the August J.S. Paluch vocations seminar.

Archbishop Lori’s Homily: Filipino saints celebration
Sep 29 2016
Archbishop Lori preaches on San Lorenzo Ruiz and San Pedro Calungsod, missionary saints from the Philippines, and calls upon the faithful to bring the Gospel to a broken world.

Archbishop Lori’s Homily: 150th anniversary of St. Michael, Clear Spring
Sep 26 2016
Celebrating the 150th Anniversary and Confirmation at St. Michael in Clear Spring.

Follow Pope Francis’ example of ‘Mercy Fridays’
Sep 21 2016
What if we kept a mercy journal as we try to delve into practices of mercy? Just a simple little notebook in which we chronicle each effort, and its outcome might focus our attention on mercy.

A report from 'Baby Bishop School'
Sep 20 2016
I think it's fair to say that, for all of us, the highlight of the week was our audience with Pope Francis.

A tribute to Monsignor Art Valenzano
Sep 20 2016
Because he was genuinely and cheerfully humble, Father Art was in touch with God’s mercy and could dispense God’s mercy in a seemingly effortless way.

Peace is a decision
Sep 19 2016
As Christians we believe that the “Word became flesh.” God took on our humanity. Through prayer let us become so transformed that we take on God’s divinity.

When I am not enough
Sep 19 2016
“We are to become vessels of God’s compassionate love for others,” St. Clare of Assisi said.

How can Catholics relate to Mary?
Sep 14 2016
When Catholics recite the line from the Hail Mary: “Pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death,” they do not think of Mary as a goddess with independent power. They know that power comes from her Son. They simply ask her to intercede for them, knowing well that Jesus will honor her request.

Archbishop Lori's Homily: Gift of Hope, Baltimore
Sep 12 2016
We share in joy of praying where a saint prayed and of walking where a saint walked.