All Catholic Review editorial staff members contribute to the Amen column, which covers topics ranging from weddings to Mother's Day to dealing with loss.


Amen: Extra-curricular anecdotes of an unforgettable educator
Feb 05 2016
Many parents and alumni say Catholic schools are one of the most consistent sources of quality in education. It’s a fact.

Amen: Two oars in the water - Prayer and work
Dec 15 2015
The way God will fix the violence in the world – wars, murders, shootings and even everyday road rage – is through us, through a change of heart.

Amen: Spread mercy every day
Dec 08 2015
Most are positioned to experience God’s mercy by exercising our spiritual muscles in accordance with our means.

Amen: On the trail with Father Beshoner
Oct 29 2015
After a long hiatus, Father Beshoner recently relaunched Catholic Under the Hood with a seemingly monumental mission: telling the 2,000-year history of the Catholic Church from apostolic times to the present.

Amen: Strong women bolster pilgrimage
Sep 30 2015
Paul McMullen shares a reflection on two women who helped support the 110-mile walking pilgrimage from Baltimore to Philadelphia.

Up close and personal with the pope
Sep 18 2015
I’m fairly sure that I have never seen a pope without writing about it or taking pictures for publication. That’s not a bad thing, but it changes your perspective a bit.

Manchester parish marches on
Sep 09 2015
When St. Bartholomew attained parish status in 1965, there were fewer than 100 registered families; today there are just slight of 1,500.

We are all ‘Guadalupanos’
Aug 20 2015
Father Mark S. Bialek explains why Catholics, Christians, people of faith and even non-believers consider themselves Guadalupanos.

Rowdiness to reflection in Federal Hill
Aug 06 2015
However long they remain, two minutes or two hours, the decision to step off the street and into Holy Cross makes them pilgrims of another order. For those few moments, at least, their journey is definitively toward God.

Hagerstown parishioner takes Francis to heart
Jul 23 2015
Cole Trippett wanted his Scout project to do something good for his parish and be a witness of our Catholic faith to the Hagerstown community.