All Catholic Review editorial staff members contribute to the Amen column, which covers topics ranging from weddings to Mother's Day to dealing with loss.


Youth must be served? No, it serves
Feb 20 2015
With one recurring exception, I rarely engage in social media rebuttal.

How one young Catholic saved 2,500 kids
Feb 05 2015
Irena Sendler was 29 when Nazi tanks slithered into Warsaw, casting a shadow of fear over the town.

Religious oppression in North Korea is no laughing matter
Jan 23 2015
When global persecution of Christians is horrendous and getting worse, oppressive regimes are no laughing matter.

What’s ordinary about ‘Ordinary Time’?
Jan 09 2015
As far as retailers are concerned, Christmas is over.

As cards come this Christmas, take time to look and see
Dec 19 2014
Earlier this month, the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, D.C., opened an exhibition dedicated to Renaissance and Baroque images of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

We need more “wise men” to seek the Lord
Dec 05 2014
Often, when we think of the story of Christ’s birth, we mash up the Lucan narrative with Matthew’s version.

All done
Nov 21 2014
It seems that in some parishes, announcements have become more a test of patience than a time to inform parishioners of special activities in the community.

Black Dons roll back home
Nov 07 2014
African-Americans in 2014 are afforded liberties that were unimaginable decades prior.

Embracing life is better than choosing death
Oct 23 2014
Brittany Maynard’s touching story is making the rounds of social media these days.

Awash in hope
Oct 10 2014
If you want to meet some of the most passionate and quirky fans in baseball, come to Section 336 in the upper deck of Oriole Park at Camden Yards.