All Catholic Review editorial staff members contribute to the Amen column, which covers topics ranging from weddings to Mother's Day to dealing with loss.


Remembering absent friends
Nov 01 2012
To mark All Souls’ Day Nov. 2, the Catholic Review recalls a few recently deceased who contributed to the vibrancy of the Archdiocese of Baltimore.

Students are more than their SAT scores
Oct 20 2012
In early September, I set foot in Calvert Hall College High School for the first time in nearly nine years.

A daughter takes a husband
Oct 04 2012
That was quick. One day your mother is lecturing you for taking your cabin-fever-suffering wife and week-old daughter to the mall for a pizza – hey, White Marsh was a big outing in 1985 – and the next that child is married.

Baltimore’s child bean pickers remembered
Sep 06 2012
In the wake of the Great Depression, making ends meet was tough for many in Baltimore’s burgeoning immigrant communities. With large families to feed and limited job opportunities, parents supplemented their income by sending their children to work on far-off farms in Delaware, Pennsylvania and elsewhere in Maryland.

‘I have connections in heaven’
Aug 09 2012
Mercy Sister Lois Mueller was a bundle of energy when I first met her at The Villa retirement home in Baltimore three years ago. I was visiting for a story I was writing about how retired nuns kept in shape by playing bowling and other Nintendo Wii video games donated by students of St. Joseph School in Cockeysville.

He widened our view of the world
Jul 26 2012
The Olympic icon spent his formative years on the north side of Baltimore, transcended his medium and deepened our appreciation of the breadth of humanity.

Sights, sounds, smells enliven Eternal City
Jul 12 2012
ROME – The bad news, for Italians, was that Spain’s soccer team proved unstoppable in the Euro Cup. The Spaniards had not allowed a goal in the whole series, and as Italy, the underdog, and Spain faced off in Kiev, Ukraine, in the European fútbol final, all eyes around Rome were glued to TV sets in cafés and trattorias the evening of July 1. Italy fared no better than other teams had.

Summertime, and the listening is easy
Jun 28 2012
“Barrytown provided Roosevelt his first opportunity to hear the earth inhale and exhale without interference from the noise and stench of the industrial revolution.”

Fatherhood after infertility
Jun 14 2012
Four months ago, a close friend texted me a photo – a positive pregnancy test.

Grass underfoot awfully green
May 31 2012
What is more astonishing, the magnificence and volume of our blessings or the manner in which we take them for granted?