Christopher Gunty

 A Chicago-area native, Chris Gunty is associate publisher/editor of The Catholic Review and CEO of its parent publishing company, The Cathedral Foundation/CR Media.

He has spent his whole professional career so far — more than 30 years — in Catholic journalism as a writer, photographer, editor, circulation manager and associate publisher, often performing many of these functions at the same time. He spent four years with The Chicago Catholic; 19 years as founding editor and associate publisher of The Catholic Sun in Phoenix, Ariz.; and six years at The Florida Catholic, a group of six zoned newspapers serving most of the dioceses of Florida: from Pensacola-Tallahassee in the Panhandle to Miami in south Florida. In July 2009, he came to Baltimore to lead The Cathedral Foundation, one of the largest and most diverse diocesan publishing operations in the country.

Chris served as president of the Catholic Press Association of the United States and Canada from 1996 to 1998, and has traveled extensively learning about and reporting on the work of the church, including Hong Kong, Malaysia, Haiti, Poland, Italy, Germany and finally in 2010 visited the Holy Land for the first time.

Chris has three children and two grandchildren. His wife, Ann Augherton, is managing editor of the newspaper for the Arlington Catholic Herald in Virginia.


A week of turmoil and triumph
Apr 06 2017
Each year, we celebrate the most momentous week in all of history, a week filled with turmoil and triumph: Holy Week.

Protect the vulnerable
Mar 02 2017
Look for the vulnerable in your community. Choose one or two segments of those who are most vulnerable and find a way to protect them.

Physician-assisted suicide offers no dignity, no compassion
Feb 15 2017
The bill provides no protection for those with disabilities, who are especially vulnerable to coercion or pressure.

After invective, what do we do?
Dec 29 2016
We play an important role in fostering the kind of country in which we want to live.

Advent darkness gives way to light
Nov 25 2015
We who wait in the darkness of Advent rejoice in the great light of the Incarnation we celebrate at Christmas. And sometimes we have problems sharing the joy of Christmas, and continuing to live as a people who have been saved by the birth of an infant 2,000 years ago.

Local Catholic publishing changes with times
Oct 29 2015
Through 160 years as the Catholic Mirror, the Baltimore Catholic Review and the Catholic Review, our team has been providing news and information in a Catholic context for our readers.

‘Necessary to do that which is too much’
Oct 02 2015
The pope changed no church doctrine in his 18 speeches and homilies over six days. But he changed a lot of attitudes with his well-crafted words.

Is Facebook targeting Catholic clergy?
Sep 01 2015
Father T. Austin Murphy Jr. was surprised to get a message on Facebook from Facebook, asking him to verify his settings. The social media site asked him to submit evidence that his name is correct, that it was the one he uses in everyday life.

Pope’s schedule reveals priorities
Jul 09 2015
Will you spend time with family, and put aside the smartphone or the tablet for a while so you can relax and engage with your loved ones? Will you schedule your summer so tightly that you never have time to breathe the fresh ocean air? Just as the pope’s itinerary reveals his priorities, your travel plans reveal yours.

Gone phishing – for mercy
Mar 20 2015
If you’re engaged in social media such as Facebook, daily invitations come across your news feed to play this game, take this quiz or share a story.

Death of a salvation salesman
Mar 09 2015
At one point in Arthur Miller’s classic play, “Death of a Salesman,” hapless Willy Loman realizes that he’s worth more dead than alive. It’s a hell of a place to be.

‘Respect and sensitivity’
Nov 07 2014
The Synod of Bishops at the Vatican last month opened a hornet’s nest on topics such as divorced Catholics and Catholics who are homosexual.

We need families
Sep 26 2014
Way back in 1986, St. John Paul II spoke of the family as the “first and vital cell of society” during a homily in Perth, Australia

Finding yourself when you’re single again
Apr 25 2014
At age 41, I found myself in a place I had never expected. My wife and I separated and eventually divorced.

You don’t have to be a pope to be a saint
Apr 11 2014
“The pope must feel the deepest satisfaction with the first 12 months on the papal throne. His prestige among the faithful is immense.

‘Francis factor’ has power to evangelize
Mar 14 2014
One of the nice things lately about being a Catholic, especially one who is obviously Catholic (such as editor of a Catholic newspaper) is the number of people who remark, “I like your pope.”

It’s time to be courageous
Jan 31 2014
Opportunities abound to see the dignity of human life all around us.

In the still of that holy night
Dec 21 2013
To no one’s surprise, “Silent Night” consistently ranks as one of the favorite Christmas carols.

Commentary: Straw for the manger
Nov 26 2013
What if you were responsible for how soft a bed the baby Jesus had when he arrived on Christmas night?

The curious boy and the tabernacle
Nov 11 2013
A modern fable: Once upon a time, a curious little boy climbed over the altar rail at his parish church, eager to see what was in the tabernacle.