Christopher Gunty

 A Chicago-area native, Chris Gunty is associate publisher/editor of The Catholic Review and CEO of its parent publishing company, The Cathedral Foundation/CR Media.

He has spent his whole professional career so far — more than 30 years — in Catholic journalism as a writer, photographer, editor, circulation manager and associate publisher, often performing many of these functions at the same time. He spent four years with The Chicago Catholic; 19 years as founding editor and associate publisher of The Catholic Sun in Phoenix, Ariz.; and six years at The Florida Catholic, a group of six zoned newspapers serving most of the dioceses of Florida: from Pensacola-Tallahassee in the Panhandle to Miami in south Florida. In July 2009, he came to Baltimore to lead The Cathedral Foundation, one of the largest and most diverse diocesan publishing operations in the country.

Chris served as president of the Catholic Press Association of the United States and Canada from 1996 to 1998, and has traveled extensively learning about and reporting on the work of the church, including Hong Kong, Malaysia, Haiti, Poland, Italy, Germany and finally in 2010 visited the Holy Land for the first time.

Chris has three children and two grandchildren. His wife, Ann Augherton, is managing editor of the newspaper for the Arlington Catholic Herald in Virginia.


Who fills the gap during the shutdown?
Oct 10 2013
A week into the federal government shutdown, it seems that no progress is being made.

Prayers for peace make a difference
Sep 12 2013
In Hagerstown, a parishioner reflected on Pope Francis’ call for a day of prayer and fasting for peace Sept. 7.

Courage to proclaim
Aug 16 2013
More and more people these days indicate that they have no religious preference. In surveys on religious trends in the United States reported recently by the Pew Center and by Gallup, about one in five or one in six Americans identify themselves as atheist, agnostic or “no religion in particular.”

Nothing new under the sun
Aug 01 2013
Monday morning newscasts July 29 didn’t talk much about the 3 million who attended Mass July 28 on Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

On Matt Birk, blockbusters and AC
Jul 18 2013
As the summer heats up, here are some snippets and short thoughts:

Who’ll tax the rain?
Apr 19 2013
In the flurry of activity in the 2012 Maryland legislative session, along with high-profile bills on same-sex marriage and the DREAM Act, our lawmakers passed a law that forced local jurisdictions to charge fees to remediate pollution in the Chesapeake Bay watershed. The fees on impervious surfaces – building roofs, parking lots, driveways, etc. that do not allow rainwater to seep into the ground – are, in effect, another property tax.

Plenty of substance on top of style
Mar 21 2013
Much has been made about the differences in style between Pope Francis and his papal predecessors.

Now what? We wait with hope, more so with faith
Mar 08 2013
The members of the College of Cardinals meet this week at the Vatican to hear about the state of the church. Essentially, it’s a large board of directors or a huge search committee looking at the challenges facing the organization as it chooses a new leader. They will look at the qualifications they believe the new leader must have in order to steer the barque of Peter on the continuing way of faith.

Two leaders; two models of service
Feb 25 2013
Speculation abounds about “the real reason” Pope Benedict XVI decided to renounce his papacy and step back into a life of prayer for the church, effective Feb. 28. However, it is likely as simple as he said: He’s no longer physically capable of handling the enormous burden of the papacy.

Commentary: Is God a Ravens fan?
Feb 07 2013
CRMedia CEO Christopher Gunty talks about God's role in football.

Life issues: Related, yet distinct
Jan 25 2013
Some issues are typically partisan – gun control, abortion, euthanasia, the death penalty – with Republicans and Democrats coming down clearly on opposite sides of an issue. The problem is that it’s really not that simple.

Who will show the face of God?
Jan 10 2013
Times have changed since my days in grade school in a Chicago suburb. Back then, our school was staffed by about a dozen nuns and a similar number of lay teachers. The parish was staffed by three or four priests at a time, including the one primarily assigned to ministry at the hospital within the parish boundaries.

‘We’re not doing enough’
Dec 21 2012
In a memorial service in Newtown, Conn., President Barack Obama pledged to do all in his power to end the kind of violence that struck the small town Dec. 14 when a gunman killed first his mother at her home and then 26 students and adults at a school before taking his own life.

The pope, Justin Bieber and the nature of social media
Dec 13 2012
What do Justin Bieber and Pope Benedict XVI have in common? Not much, really, except that both enjoy music and, as of this week, both are on Twitter.

A year of faith in the Year of Faith
Oct 18 2012
See the connection between the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the Year of Faith.

Study the issues, not the ads
Oct 05 2012
The election commercials are every­where. Just try to watch the eve­ning news or a night of TV without seeing at least a dozen commercials for this candidate or that, or for or against this proposition. The ads can even con­flict with one another – without checking the facts, you can easily be confused or misinformed. Spending on Question 7 alone in Mary­land – the casino measure – is already upwards of $20 million. Add in what the presidential candidates and those who seek a win in state and federal battles, and the ads – and accompanying dollars – are overwhelming.

Tolerance a two-way street
Sep 20 2012
Filmmakers rarely pay the price for the violence they incite with their movies.

Can the weather affect Communion at your parish?
Sep 06 2012
Hurricane Isaac rolled through the Gulf of Mexico, making landfall near the mouth of the Mississippi River. The confluence of the river, the Port of New Orleans and oil terminals in that area prompted a quick spike in prices at the gas pump, just in time for Labor Day travel.

Pastor made city a safer place
Aug 09 2012
God filled Monsignor Damien Nalepa with passion for the Word of God and passion for the poor. He responded to that by serving wholeheartedly as a priest.

Atheist can’t believe he can get a discount without faith
Jul 12 2012
An atheist strikes up an argument against a Lancaster, Pa., restaurant.