Father Joseph Breighner

Father Joseph Breighner

Father Joseph Breighner, a Catholic priest in the Archdiocese of Baltimore, is a popular lecturer and retreat master in the mid-Atlantic region. He formerly hosted a regular weekly radio show, "Country Road," that was syndicated throughout the country. He has been writing a weekly column for The Catholic Review for decades. Father Breighner retired in 2013 and writes a monthly column for the Catholic Review magazine. Beginning in December 2015, he will publish additional columns that will appear exclusively on this page of the Catholic Review website. Purchase Father Joe's books in our store.


Blizzard shows us there is no such thing as the 'rugged individual'
Jan 26 2016
Being limited by snow reminds us of one fundamental issue. There is no such thing as the “rugged individual.”

God has become one with us, and we have become one with God
Jan 04 2016
Our job is not to make the world Christian. Our job is to so allow the God who lives in us to live through us.

Real prayers for peace
Dec 31 2015
In response to terrorist attacks, the completion of the season of Advent and the journey into the church Christmas season, and as we begin a New Year with new resolutions, I would like to share seven prayers.

Escaping death
Dec 10 2015
If we put our faith in Christ, then we will share the resurrection of Christ.

Waiting and watching
Nov 30 2015
In the month of December, the church waits in wonder and awe for the coming of its God. The world waits for the coming of Santa Claus. Both celebrations can be enjoyed as long as we keep God in first place.

A request for prayers
Jul 22 2013
One of the challenges of writing my Catholic Review column is that it is published every other week. Events that have yet transpired as I’m writing may have already happened by the time you read this column. As an old cartoon character used to say, “What a revoltin’ development!”

Good deeds for God
May 30 2013
Since I love to tell stories, I find that they have a way of finding their way to me. Recently my good friend, Monsignor Ed Miller, the wonderful pastor of St. Bernardine in West Baltimore, told me a couple of them. They are both about children.

Body of Christ lasts forever
May 17 2013
How do we know when we love ourselves? We were taught by Jesus to love our neighbors as ourselves. We were commanded to love ourselves as the measure of our love for others.

To hear God's voice, you have to listen
May 14 2013
As I write this column, the events around the Boston Marathon are still unfolding. Allow me to share a true story. I know a couple from Minnesota, Darlene and Ron. Darlene is my official hair cutter.

Put faith in the Risen Lord
May 02 2013
Psychologists tell us that most of human behavior can be summed up in the three wants: approval, control and safety. The seven deadly sins could be summed up in some form of wanting.

Things aren't always pretty
Apr 26 2013
On the rear of a car I noticed a bumper sticker that read: “Thy Will Be Done!” Then I noticed that someone had run into the back of the car. The bumper was smashed in.

‘Be still and know that I am God’
Apr 18 2013
Occasionally, on retreats, I will use the following meditation.

The loss of a pet and the power of love
Apr 12 2013
I’m writing this column on Easter Sunday night. The sounds of the Exultet – the triumphal Easter hymn of the victory of life over death – is still ringing in my ears. This is a day of profound joy. Instead, however, I’m feeling sad.

I believe
Apr 05 2013
As I walk on a spring day (it feels more like winter as I write this column), I’m always touched by the sight of dead leaves on the sidewalk. Once they were but tiny buds.

Love yourself with all of your fears
Mar 29 2013
Holy Week is a time to look at the fears that run our lives. Let me begin with a story.