Many Cultures Una Familia

This column features a variety of reflections and stories from lay and religious leaders in the Hispanic community. The column is organized by the Archdiocese of Baltimore's Office of Hispanic ministries and covers a range of topics of interest to those in both the Spanish and English-speaking communities.


Welcoming strangers
Jan 25 2013
A 7-year-old boy runs into McDonald’s, quivering with anticipation. It is his birthday and his mother told him he could have anything he wanted. So he orders not one, but two of his favorites.

The Difference that CRS makes
Dec 28 2012
On Sept. 14, a delegation of Hispanic and African-American diocesan leaders travelled to Ghana for 10 days. As we were warned, it was both a difficult and beautiful experience in many ways.

Simply put, he was a good man
Nov 15 2012
It had been a busy Saturday. To top things off, we had two parties going on the same night: one in the church hall and the other in the school hall.

Encuentros promote unity and diversity
Oct 18 2012
This past June marked an important anniversary for Catholic Hispanics in the United States: 40 years ago – on June 19, 1972, to be precise – some 250 church leaders involved in Hispanic ministry met for three days in Washington, D.C. in what was billed as the first Encuentro Nacional Hispano de Pastoral.

Training helps intercultural understanding
Sep 20 2012
Last week, one Korean community and one Chamorro/Guamanian community in the United States were told to cancel Masses in parishes where they have been worshiping. Also, a small group of 20-something Hispanic immigrants were denied a space for weekly prayer and faith formation on their parish grounds. This is hard to believe.

Hispanic Ministry heading to Ghana
Aug 23 2012
What is the connection between Hispanic ministry and Ghana?

Mirando al pasado con gratitúd: Looking back with gratitude
Aug 10 2012
In June I accepted a new “mission assignment,” for which I have left my ministry position as Coordinator of Hispanic Pastoral and Catechetical Formation for the Archdiocese of Baltimore. This is a short reflection as I look back at my four years in the Premier See.

Sí, se puede; Yes, we can
Jun 28 2012
We may have heard the expression: “¡Sí, se puede!,” and wondered just what does it mean. In English, Sí, se puede means something similar to: “Yes, we can,” or “Yes, it is possible.”

Changing colors, flavors of Fells Point and Highlandtown
Apr 19 2012
Let us rejoice this Easter Season as we celebrate the suffering, dying and rising of Christ amid blooming flowers and sisters and brothers from different lands. In Fells Point, Highlandtown, Greektown and beyond, one can savor the flavors, enjoy the colors, and participate in rich religious traditions.

Secure communities, secure families, secure church
Mar 22 2012
Our clear voice in response to the clear threat to human dignity caused by abortion, the death penalty, and euthanasia has not weakened or been silenced by legislative agendas or popular opinions. Whenever the church sees the image of God being marred, we are obligated to speak out.

Hispanic immigrants are a blessing to the community
Feb 23 2012
Religious Sister of Mercy Mary Neil Corcoran shares the history of the Hispanic Apostolate in Baltimore.

The face of Christ
Oct 26 2011
What a privilege in 2005 – a sabbatical year at the Oblate School of Theology in San Antonio.

Vocations from abroad
May 20 2009
Gonzalo Cadavid-Rivera, a young man from Colombia came to Baltimore in 2004 to enter the seminary for the Archdiocese of Baltimore. I had the opportunity to meet him and introduce him to a couple of parishes with Hispanic Ministry. I remember we went to St. Patrick on Broadway Street for Sunday Mass. It was Mother’s Day. There were flowers handed to moms, special blessings, songs to Mary and a home cooked breakfast for everybody. However, all of these acts to honor our mothers and the emotions of many immigrants who have left their mothers back home were making Gonzalo very homesick. He had recently left his family, his profession, his friends and his country. He was experiencing the pain of separation, an inevitable sacrifice in order to follow the call to be missionary in another country.

Retreat reveals challenges for immigrant women
Jun 24 2008
One of the joys of working in the Office of Hispanic Ministry is that I have the opportunity to offer special spiritual programs for Hispanic immigrants. Our goal is to nourish their dire need to reconnect with their roots, to offer relief for their feelings of alienation and have an experience of Christ and of a church which welcomes them. This past March, I had the opportunity to provide a retreat for 20 immigrant women from different countries. The office rented a minibus and took the women to a house on the beach in Ocean City, which a generous benefactor had lent us for the weekend.