The Domestic Church

The Domestic Church

Rita Buettner is a wife, working mother of two and a Catholic Review blogger.  Read her Open Window blog here.


Going fishing
May 24 2017
What do I do to inspire others to become fishers of men? Do I ever convey that joy, that excitement, in being a follower of Christ that someone would stop to ask me about Jesus?

Call to compassion
Apr 18 2017
Yes, we encounter pain and suffering on earth, but we walk with one another, and God is with us every step along the way.

Never too old for bedtime kiss
Mar 30 2017
This Lenten season, as we fast and serve and pray, I hope we can try to find moments just to be with God.

Touched by God’s mercy
Feb 14 2017
When I walk out of the confessional, I always feel lighter, loved, forgiven and touched by God’s mercy.

The full, marvelous picture
Jan 17 2017
Trust. That’s the key to believing that God’s plan and his timing are perfect, even when we can’t see or understand.

Miracles are all around us
Dec 20 2016
Miracles have been on my mind lately, especially since I spoke with our friend Kate Mahoney about her miracle – documented by the Vatican – that led to the beatification of St. Marianne Cope.

When the saints come marching in
Nov 10 2016
Saints aren’t just people who lived a long time ago and loved Jesus and performed miracles. They are also members of our family.

The love of a dog
Oct 04 2016
As a child, I had longed for a dog to walk and play with and call my own. I never dreamed that a dog could teach me so much about love. But she did. And she changed my world.