The Domestic Church

The Domestic Church

Rita Buettner is a wife, working mother of two and a Catholic Review blogger.  Read her Open Window blog here.


Reasons abound to love Catholic schools
Feb 04 2016
Thanks to their school, they are embracing our faith as a part of daily life and making it their own.

Why I am pro-life
Jan 19 2016
When I was a child, every time my parents were expecting a baby, they spoke of how fortunate we were. Every baby is a gift from God, they told me. I wondered why God had given six children to our family. How could we be so, so lucky? But we were.

Finding joy in giving
Dec 03 2015
By giving with the simple and genuine joy of a child, maybe we’ll find that our hearts are better prepared to welcome that infant to Bethlehem at Christmas.