Letters To The Editor


Concern for the poor
Aug 04 2015
How much of the Vatican’s overflowing budget and assets go to help the poor?

Praise for pastoral letter
Jul 01 2015
Archbishop William E. Lori’s pastoral, letter “A Light Brightly Visible,” is an excellent message to all Catholics. It is an easily read and understandable message.

Listen to the millennials
Apr 17 2015
The first time I heard the young Deacon Bill Senft preach the homily at the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen in Homeland, it was about the human nature of Jesus.

Ask for a second opinion on genetic testing
Jan 26 2015
The beautiful and moving “Georgie’s Story" was an excellent way to underline the theme of this year’s March for Life.

Draft did not serve pope’s goals
Nov 04 2014
“St. Matthew broaches ‘coming out’ ” troubled me. St. Matthew, a tax collector, would have realized something did not add up.

Voting more vital than ever to religious freedom
Oct 27 2014
In Catholic churches all across America, the Gospel reading Oct. 11-12 ends with the memorable slogan “Repay to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.”

Bumper-sticker call to pride causes concern
Jul 07 2014
I received the Archbishop's Annual Appeal along with a bumper-sticker that reads, "Proud to be Catholic."

Gun violence is a pro-life issue, too
Jul 07 2014
It was refreshing to read Christopher Gunty's column on guns being readily available and the lack of mental health care screening.

Government should not have a hand in redistributing wealth
Jun 17 2014
Pope calls for redistribution of wealth, but who decides how much and when to stop?

Archbishop's series highlights the importance of a good homily
Jun 09 2014
Archbishop Lori’s exegesis of the Holy Father’s exhortation, “The Joy of the Gospel”, has been a very illuminating companion reader and should be consolidated into a single collection for those looking for a quick summary.