Archbishop Lori


Newest president-rector of nation’s oldest seminary gets Baltimore welcome
Oct 07 2016
Sulpician Father Phillip J. Brown has been head of St. Mary's Seminary and University in Homeland since July.

Archbishop Lori rejects claim religious liberty used as excuse to discriminate
Sep 13 2016
Archbishop Lori sharply criticized comments that “religious liberty” and “religious freedom” were “code words" of discrimination.

Archbishop Lori leads prayer walk in Sandtown-Winchester
Sep 09 2016
“We need peace in the streets, and the church’s presence may be the turning point,” Trudy Scott said.

Archbishop Lori updates planning strategy
Sep 08 2016
As part of preparing the archdiocese and parishes to be ready to help create “missionary disciples,” the archbishop established a planning process for parishes and schools, including a detailed study of the current conditions and capacity of 22 schools.

Mary, unburdened by sin, was lifted into heaven; we can be, too, archbishop says
Aug 16 2016
It’s no surprise Mary was lifted up by God, since she had spent her whole life lifting up her son, the archbishop said.

Archbishop celebrates Mass at St. Paul, which offered shelter from the storm in Ellicott City
Aug 15 2016
“It always happens to somebody else, and now it has happened to us,” Deacon Knepper said of the devastating Ellicott City flood.