Catholic Relief & Charity


Camp St. Vincent a summertime refuge for homeless youths
Aug 09 2012
Camp St. Vincent draws campers from 18 shelters and transitional housing developments in Baltimore City and Baltimore County.

With Catholic Charities’ help, Filipino orphans seek adoption in Baltimore area
Jul 25 2012
Four orphaned children from Manila, Philippines, are visiting Maryland for four weeks in hope of finding an adoptive family.

First day – Archbishop Lori serves at Our Daily Bread
May 17 2012
On his first day as archbishop of Baltimore May 17, Archbishop Lori piled plates high with casserole at Our Daily Bread Employment Center.

Nonprofit finds a new home at Irvington parish
Apr 24 2012
A Baltimore nonprofit that provides shelter for the homeless is one step closer to securing its new home, making use of a vacant Catholic school.

Former CRS president receives Laetare Medal
Mar 19 2012
The University of Notre Dame has announced that former Catholic Relief Services President Ken Hackett will receive its 2012 Laetare Medal. The Laetare Medal is the oldest and most prestigious honor given to American Catholics.

A rice bowl for all
Feb 27 2012
When I first heard about Operation Rice Bowl at my parish in America, I thought they were talking about something I knew so well from Chinese culture.

UPDATED HHS delays, but does not change, rule on contraceptive coverage
Jan 20 2012
WASHINGTON – The Obama administration has turned down repeated requests from Catholic schools, charitable organizations and bishops to revise its religious exemption to the requirement that all health plans cover contraceptives and sterilization free of charge.

Bishops’ concerns rise over growing infringements on religious liberty
Dec 28 2011
WASHINGTON – Concerns that religious liberty is being eroded by government action and policymaking prompted the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops to open a campaign in 2011 to head off what they consider dangers to the rights of people of faith and conscience.

HHS defends decision on funding trafficking victims program to Congress
Dec 02 2011
WASHINGTON – A U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops program aiding victims of human trafficking was denied funding after its administrators declined to propose alternatives to a government requirement that female victims receive “the full range of legally permissible gynecological and obstetric care,” a Department of Health and Human Services official told a congressional committee.

U.S. bishops find Iraqi Christians want return to peace, meaningful jobs
Oct 14 2011
WASHINGTON – Iraqis want a return to peace, security and stability and the chance to secure meaningful employment, said two U.S. bishops who traveled to Baghdad in a demonstration of the American Catholic Church’s solidarity with the country’s violence-weary Christians.