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Pope canonizes seven saints who 'fought the good fight of faith'
Oct 17 2016
The seven new saints of the church are holy because of "the Lord who triumphs in them and with them," Pope Francis said.

Christians who reject all refugees are 'hypocrites,' pope says
Oct 13 2016
Pope Francis said he does not like "the contradiction of those who want to defend Christianity in the West, and, on the other hand, are against refugees and other religions."

End 'inhumane' hostilities now, rescue civilians in Syria, pope pleads
Oct 12 2016
As attacks intensify in Syria, Pope Francis called for an immediate cease-fire so that civilians, especially children, could be rescued from the ruins.

Pope offers red hat to priest whose story moved him to tears
Oct 11 2016
During the pope’s 2014 visit to Tirana, Cardinal-designate Simoni moved many listeners when he described the brutality of a militant atheist regime.

Off the beaten path: Pope looks far afield for new cardinals
Oct 10 2016
Under Pope Francis, the idea that some large archdioceses are always led by a cardinal is fading, but is not altogether gone.

Pope announces 17 new cardinals, including three from U.S.
Oct 09 2016
Pope Francis will conclude the Year of Mercy by creating 17 new cardinals, including three from the United States.

Pope visits towns in central Italy devastated by earthquake
Oct 04 2016
Pope Francis quietly prayed and offered words of consolation to survivors and those assisting in relief efforts after the devastating earthquake in Amatrice.

When political choice is tough, pray and vote your conscience, pope says
Oct 03 2016
Catholics facing difficult political choices must study the issues, pray about the election and then vote according to their consciences, Pope Francis said.

Gay, transgender people deserve pastoral care, pope says
Oct 03 2016
Catholics who are homosexual, transgender or confused about their sexuality deserve the same attentive pastoral care as anyone else, Pope Francis said.

Tolerance is good for society, the soul, pope says at Azerbaijani mosque
Oct 02 2016
Pope Francis told the leaders of Azerbaijan religious communities that they share a responsibility to help people grow in faith and tolerance.