Vatican News


Rome official: Retired pope to attend canonizations; spokesman cautious
Apr 23 2014
Retired Pope Benedict XVI is expected to attend the canonization of Blesseds John XXIII and John Paul II April 27.

The risen Jesus, not money or power, is the source of life, pope says
Apr 23 2014
Too often people are fixated on material things, money, power or status, Pope Francis said.

Easter proclaims that love gives life, pope says; share it with others
Apr 21 2014
Before giving his Easter blessing to Rome and the world, Pope Francis encouraged others to participate in acts of caring and sharing.

Easter should last all week, including in your Bible reading, pope says
Apr 21 2014
On Easter Monday, the pope encouraged Catholics to pick up the Gospels, find the chapters about the Resurrection and read them.

In streets of Little Italy, St. Leo parishioners remember Christ’s sacrifice
Apr 18 2014
For parishioners of St. Leo, the annual Good Friday commemoration was meant to bear witness to Christ’s crucifixion and death.

Jesus wants everyone to serve others with love, pope says
Apr 17 2014
Pope: In the humble act of washing his disciples’ feet, Jesus is showing all Christians how he wants them to serve others with love.

Pope to priests: Look for the exit, go out into world, serve with love
Apr 17 2014
In a lengthier than usual homily, Pope Francis focused on the meaning of being anointed through ordination.

Imitate Jesus’ humility, thank him for it during Holy Week, pope says
Apr 16 2014
Jesus’ resurrection “isn’t the happy ending of a beautiful fairytale, it isn’t the happy ending of a film,” the pope said.

Pope: During Holy Week, ask which Gospel character you resemble
Apr 14 2014
Pope Francis began Holy Week joined by thousands of young people.

Pope apologizes for clerical sex abuse, promises tough sanctions
Apr 11 2014
When talking about addressing sex abuse in the church, the pope said, “ I believe we must be very strong. You don’t play with children’s lives!”