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Opus Dei to begin process to choose new prelate Jan. 21
Jan 17 2017
The three-step process to elect a new prelate for Opus Dei, the predominantly lay organization, will begin Jan. 21 with a consultation involving more than three dozen women leaders.

Pope baptizes babies born in Italian earthquake zone
Jan 17 2017
In a gesture of closeness to those who lost loved ones following several devastating earthquakes, Pope Francis baptized 13 babies from central Italy.

Vatican backs papal commission investigating Order of Malta
Jan 17 2017
The Vatican confirmed its trust in the papal commission investigating the forced resignation of the Order of Malta’s former grand chancellor following a letter by the order’s grand master to discredit the group.

McDonald’s near Vatican to give free meals to the poor
Jan 12 2017
A specially prepared menu for the poor includes a double cheeseburger, fresh apple slices and a bottle of water.

Pope to diplomats: Break bad habits of war, injustice
Jan 10 2017
Religions are “called to promote peace,” Pope Francis said, appealing to “all religious authorities to join in reaffirming unequivocally that one can never kill in God’s name.”

Doctrinal chief dismisses idea of ‘fraternal correction’ of pope
Jan 09 2017
The Catholic Church is “very far” from a situation in which the pope is in need of “fraternal correction” because he has not put the faith and church teaching in danger, said Cardinal Gerhard Muller, prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

Magi’s journey reflects our longing for God, pope says on Epiphany
Jan 06 2017
The Magi had the courage to set out on a journey in the hope of finding something new, Pope Francis said.

When a mother loses a child, reach out with tears, not words, pope says
Jan 04 2017
In the depths of despair, when no words or gestures will help, then cry with those who suffer, Pope Francis said.

Pope to bishops: Defend children from abuse, protect their dignity, joy
Jan 03 2017
Protect children from exploitation, slaughter and abuse, the pope said.

New Year calls for courage, hope; no more hatred, selfishness, pope says
Jan 02 2017
Whether the new year will be good or not depends on us choosing to do good each day, Pope Francis said.