Vatican News


During Lent, pope offers handy tips for preparing for confession
Feb 27 2015
Pope Francis offeres some quick tips to help people prepare for the sacrament of penance.

Homeless man of deep faith given funeral, burial in Vatican City
Feb 27 2015
A homeless man who faithfully attended Mass at a church inside Vatican City for decades was buried in a Vatican cemetery.

Carmelite draws from life of Elijah for pope, Curia’s Lenten retreat
Feb 26 2015
The Lenten journey of conversion requires Christians to rediscover the “deepest truth” about themselves.

Funds raised for World Meeting of Families stand at $30 million so far
Feb 23 2015
Officials for the World Meeting of Families announced that $30 million in cash and in-kind donations has been raised.

Pope tells Ukraine’s bishops to unite against unfolding tragedies
Feb 21 2015
Pope Francis urged Ukraine’s Catholic bishops to focus on the social and human tragedies unfolding in their country.

Pope: Don’t let meatless Fridays be selfish, soulless, seafood splurge
Feb 20 2015
Real fasting isn’t just restricting food choices, it must also include cleansing the heart of all selfishness, the pope said.

Pope: Liberty, equality can turn selfish, unfair without brotherly love
Feb 18 2015
The pope continued a series of talks on the family by focusing on the importance of brothers and sisters.

People’s choice: Good or evil? Look to Christ for right path, pope says
Feb 17 2015
Every human heart has the capacity to do good or evil and to build or to destroy, the pope said.

Pope seeks prayers for Egyptians beheaded by Islamic State
Feb 17 2015
Pope Francis called for prayers for the Egyptian Christians beheaded by Islamic State militants in Libya.

God wants you to find real love - lifelong love - pope tells youths
Feb 17 2015
Christianity is not a set of prohibitions, but a “project for life," the pope says.