Vatican News


Ethics must guide medical research, protect human dignity, pope says
Apr 29 2016
Moral and ethical concerns must guide medical research so it will always be at the service of protecting human life and dignity, Pope Francis said.

Suspects arrested in alleged plot against Vatican, Israeli embassy
Apr 29 2016
Italian authorities arrested six suspects who allegedly received orders from the Islamic State terrorist group to attack the Vatican.

Pope says pastors must ‘serve, not use’ laypeople
Apr 27 2016
Pastors are not conceding anything to the laity by recognizing their role in bringing the Gospel to the world; the laity are just as much members of “holy, faithful people of God” as the clergy, the pope said.

Vatican suspends outside audit while reviewing contract
Apr 26 2016
Four months after announcing it had hired the firm PricewaterhouseCoopers to conduct an external audit of its finances, the Vatican has suspended the work underway.

When it comes to happiness, there’s no app for that, pope tells teens
Apr 25 2016
Youth from around the world flocked to Rome for a special Year of Mercy event for teens aged 13-16.

Charity begins at home, but must not stop there, pope says
Apr 21 2016
Charity is an essential sign of Christian faith, Pope Francis told leaders and volunteers from Italy's diocesan Catholic charities.

Look at your own sins before judging others, pope says at audience
Apr 20 2016
Christians must look to their own sins and not fall into the temptation of hypocrisy, Pope Francis said at his April 20 general audience.

Pope reminds world of suffering in war-torn Ukraine
Apr 19 2016
Pope Francis' pleas for humanitarian aid for Ukraine is bringing needed attention to a forgotten war, said Ukrainian Catholic leaders.

Words and deeds can't be separated, pope tells new priests
Apr 18 2016
What you say and how you live always go hand in hand, building up the church and the people of God, Pope Francis told new priests.

Pope prays for refugees, brings 12 Syrians back to Rome
Apr 18 2016
Pope Francis' five-hour visit to Greece ended with him offering safe passage to Italy to 12 Syrian Muslim refugees.