Vatican News


World Youth Day registration begins; pope is first person to sign up
Jul 27 2015
Pope Francis was the first pilgrim to sign up for World Youth Day to be held in Poland, launching the opening of registration.

World's mayors head to Vatican, vow to tackle climate change, poverty
Jul 22 2015
City mayors from around the world gathered at the Vatican to pledge they will take real action on climate change and poverty.

Under new system, Vatican budgets show previously unreported assets
Jul 16 2015
The Holy See reported $1 billion in net assets that had never been reported before and in a consolidated form.

Lessons from South America: How to greet and understand Pope Francis
Jul 16 2015
Watching what worked and did not work in South America may help people preparing for Pope Francis’ visit to the United States.

Jordan bank of river where Jesus baptized declared UNESCO heritage site
Jul 15 2015
UNESCO declared Bethany Beyond the Jordan as a World Heritage site and the location of Jesus’ baptism.

Vatican welcomes Iran's historic nuclear deal
Jul 14 2015
The Holy See welcomed Iran's historic nuclear deal and expressed hopes that more future breakthroughs be on the horizon on other issues.

Pope tells young Paraguayans: Stir things up, then help fix things
Jul 14 2015
"Stir things up, but then help organize what you have stirred up," Pope Francis told about 220,000 young people in Paraguay.

Vatican court delays abuse trial after ex-nuncio hospitalized
Jul 13 2015
Vatican magistrates have decided to postpone the proceedings of a criminal trial against a former Vatican nuncio due to the defendant's ill health.

Pope says he’ll read critiques of his economic thought before U.S. trip
Jul 13 2015
Before arriving in the US in September, Pope Francis said, he will study American criticisms of his critiques of the global economy and finance.

Pope says Paraguayans in poor barrio remind him of Holy Family
Jul 13 2015
Pope Francis returned to his roots July 12 when he visited Banado Norte, a poor neighborhood near the Paraguay River.