Vatican News


Pope hails Colombia peace accord, briefly comments on 'Brexit'
Jun 24 2016
The decision of English voters to leave the EU "was the will expressed by the people," the pope said.

Benedict shows core of priesthood is being ‘immersed in God,’ pope says
Jun 22 2016
Pope Benedict XVI’s decision to retire represents one of the most important lessons he gives the world’s priests, Pope Francis said.

Too many couples do not understand marriage is for life, pope says
Jun 17 2016
Many marriages today can be considered invalid, Pope Francis said.

Pope offers prayers for Orlando victims of 'terrible, absurd violence'
Jun 13 2016
Pope Francis expressed hope that people would find ways to identify and uproot "the causes of such terrible and absurd violence."

Pope elevates memorial of St. Mary Magdalene to feast day
Jun 10 2016
Recognizing St. Mary Magdalene's role as the first to witness Christ's resurrection, Pope Francis raised the July 22 memorial of St. Mary Magdalene to a feast on the church's liturgical calendar.

The Holy and Great Council: Pope sending observers to Orthodox meeting
Jun 09 2016
Pope Francis will send high-level observers to the pan-Orthodox council meeting in Crete as a sign of respect, support and encouragement.

Water to wine: Jesus ushers in new covenant of joy, pope says
Jun 08 2016
Jesus' first miracle of changing water into wine expresses his invitation to share in the joy of the new covenant, Pope Francis said.

Pope to appoint advisory board in removing negligent bishops
Jun 06 2016
Pope Francis will set up a panel of legal experts to help him in deciding whether to remove a religious superior or bishop from office for failing to protect minors and vulnerable adults from sex abuse.

Pope calls for gathering to find ways to end, prevent drug abuse
Jun 03 2016
Pope Francis has requested a special study session at the Vatican to look at how to solve the growing problem of drug abuse.

Life is short; start forgiving, making amends, pope tells priests
Jun 02 2016
Mercy does not overlook the harm caused by sin, the pope said, "rather it takes away evil's power over the future."