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Religious leaders praise Patriarch Bartholomew as a great ecumenist
Sep 20 2016
The leaders praised Patriarch Bartholomew as an ecumenist, theologian and leading religious defender of God’s creation.

Best way to fight terrorism is to warmly welcome refugees, pope says
Sep 19 2016
Offering migrants and refugees truly helpful and loving hospitality is the greatest guarantee against terrorism, Pope Francis said.

Pope highlights sanctity of life in Year of Mercy visits
Sep 16 2016
Pope Francis wanted to give a strong sign of the importance of life from its first moment to its natural end.

Vatican: Abortion, attempted suicide always obstacles to ordination
Sep 15 2016
The sacredness of human life is so absolute that performing or helping procure an abortion or attempting suicide is an obstacle to ordination as a Catholic priest, even if the man was not Catholic at the time the events occurred, said a new Vatican ruling.

Changing canon law, pope brings Latin and Eastern practices closer
Sep 15 2016
In a change to church law, Latin-rite Catholic deacons may not preside at a wedding when one or both of the new spouses are members of an Eastern Catholic church.

Assassinated French priest joins procession of martyrs, pope says
Sep 14 2016
To kill in the name of God is satanic, Pope Francis said at a Mass for a French priest assassinated by youths loyal to the Islamic State.

Economic focus must shift from profit to people, cardinal says
Sep 13 2016
The current economic model that places profit over the common good of all human beings must change, a Vatican official said.

Cardinal beatifies Polish-born priest deported to Central Asia, who stayed to serve
Sep 13 2016
A Vatican official beatified a Polish-born priest deported to Soviet-ruled Central Asia who volunteered to stay on and minister to Catholics.

Exploring the final frontier, Star Trek offered peace, paper says
Sep 09 2016
Honoring Star Trek’s 50th anniversary, the Vatican newspaper said the popular series gave the world a model of peace and cooperation.

Retired pope says governance wasn't his gift, but Francis is good at it
Sep 08 2016
While Pope Benedict XVI said organization and governance are not his strong suits, he also said, "I am unable to see myself as a failure."