Beyond the Bell: Catholic High robotics team raises the bar

Five young women at The Catholic High School of Baltimore are part of a budding robotics program.

Members of the Robotics Team at The Catholic High School in Baltimore Emily Schallmo, Abby Timmel, Maria Esteban, Madeline Donnelly and Josephine Privett use last year’s robot to test ideas Sept. 15 as they start to plan the design for this year’s robot. (Tom McCarthy Jr. | CR Staff)

Retired Sisters on the move to support Marian House

Religious Sister of Mercy Paula Marie Phelan is still very much on the go.

Religious Sister of Mercy Paula Marie Phelan takes the lead in the charity 1K walk for Marian House at the Villa, a retirement home for Sisters, Sept. 17. At 100 years old, Sister Paula Marie was the oldest participant, noting that it made sense for her to finish first since she was born first. (Tom McCarthy Jr. | CR Staff)

Aging artfully: Three retirement community residents still testing talents

Three Baltimore-area artists – a vocalist, painter and writer – are still sharpening skills in their 80s and 90s.

Eugene Langbehn and his wife Charlotte Clem-Langbehn perform the song “Unchained Melody” in the Fireside Restaurant at Charlestown, a retirement community in Catonsville, Sept. 2. (Tom McCarthy Jr. | CR Staff)


Robyn Barberry
Oct 22, 2014
On Saturday, amidst great fanfare, Leo graduated from having his life measured in months to having his life measured in years. In other words, he turned 1… and we celebrated.Have you ever wondered why first birthday parties are such a big deal? Why is so much effort put into an


Healing Garden at Stella Maris

The Healing Garden in Timonium offers a sacred space. 


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