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Sister Beatrice Wise, D.C., dies
Mar 03 2015
A funeral Mass was offered Feb. 28 for Daughter of Charity Sister Beatrice Wise.

Hogan’s budget includes textbook funding, but no money for aging schools
Mar 03 2015
O’Day noted that hundreds of schools utilized the program in the last two years, completing improvements they could not have afforded otherwise.

Gov. Hogan throws support behind business tax credit, coalition forms
Mar 03 2015
Sixty percent of the credits will be directed to support nonpublic students and 40 percent to public school students.

Possible saint has ties to Baltimore
Mar 03 2015
“He wanted to dedicate his life to helping the poor.”

‘Who, me? Yes, you.’ Fess up to sins, stop judging others, pope says
Mar 02 2015
Drop the innocent look and the habit of judging others, Pope Francis said.


Beyond the Bell: Hugs from Lucie at Mercy High

At the sweet age of 16, Lucie Amrhein dreams of ways that she can save the world. To her, it’s one teddy bear at a time.
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