Body and Spirit


After heart attack, pastor not afraid of dying
Feb 23 2015
Father James Kiesel, pastor of St. Joseph in Odenton, never expected to have a heart attack.

Ever a writer, Sister Mary Ann Walsh finding new voice in new role
Feb 22 2015
Response to her work for America has been almost universally positive, said Jesuit Father Matt Malone, editor-in-chief.

Beyond the Bell: Sophomore inspires Mercy High, one teddy bear at a time
Feb 19 2015
At the sweet age of 16, Lucie Amrhein dreams of ways that she can save the world.

How to keep your aging brain fit
Feb 09 2015
At one time or another, we have all forgotten an appointment, a person’s name or misplaced our keys.

Discussing death with your parents
Dec 09 2014
The death of a parent can be one of the most difficult times in a person or family’s life.

Donor says helping her pastor an easy decision: ‘He needed a kidney’
Dec 07 2014
A parishioner walks up to her pastor and says, “I want to give you my kidney.”

Diabetes doesn't make life easy, but can be controlled says Baltimore longshoreman
Nov 21 2014
The first time Boston Oliver experienced low blood sugar leading to hypoglycemia or “sugar shock,” he had no idea what was going on.

Catholic doctor who treated patients in Sierra Leone dies from Ebola
Nov 18 2014
A Maryland Catholic doctor who contracted the Ebola virus while working in Sierra Leone died early Nov. 17.

Pope calls abortion, euthanasia, IVF sins ‘against God the creator’
Nov 17 2014
Pope Francis denounced a “false compassion” that would justify abortion, euthanasia, artificial reproduction technologies.

Dad’s kidney keeps daughter going
Nov 17 2014
Not that she wanted to, but Lindsey Duquette couldn’t eat a grapefruit.