Body and Spirit


Loyola team turns to faith
Feb 27 2012
Jesuit Father Jack Dennis said Loyola's team is in a better place after an October retreat.

Former St. Agnes student flips for gymnastics
Feb 13 2012
Joe Kreft had never participated in gymnastics, but hearing about and seeing Maryland’s Gymkana exhibition team left him intrigued.

‘Absolutely the way to go’: Safer heart procedures coming to U.S.
Jan 24 2012
A frequently performed, often life saving heart procedure has taken a more comfortable turn for many patients who now no longer need suffer through a slow and often painful recovery period.

Doctor says winter exercise vital to health
Jan 24 2012
The dark, cold days of winter are upon us and with them may come a reluctance to maintain those good exercise habits that seemed easy enough in the kinder weather of spring, summer and fall.

Bone marrow drive will help heart transplant recipient
Dec 20 2011
Five years after she received a heart transplant, Xavia Pirozzi, a parishioner of St. Joseph in Fullerton and a student at John Carroll School in Bel Air, is once again facing a fight for her life.

‘You are not alone,’ Hispanic bishops tell undocumented immigrants
Dec 13 2011
WASHINGTON – An emotional pastoral letter to immigrants from the U.S. Hispanic and Latino Catholic bishops offers love, encouragement, welcome, sympathy and assurance that “you are not alone or forgotten.”

What’s Old is New Again
Dec 08 2011
“What’s old is new again.” This well-known expression sums up the vast majority of the comments I’ve heard since our Church began using the new translation of the Roman Missal, the prayers we say each week at Mass, Nov. 26-27.

Allow God to reign this season
Dec 08 2011
The season of Advent, somewhat similar to Lent, call us to repentance – in Greek, metanoia. The literal translation of the Greek is “to change how we think.” How might we think differently this Advent?

Notre Dame Preparatory celebrates 50 years of ‘wisdom’ in Towson
Sep 16 2010
TOWSON – One by one, 50 pairs of students holding banners processed up a winding road on the campus of Notre Dame Preparatory School Sept. 14.

The New Missal Series, Part Five: Transforming power of God’s love
Jul 29 2010
The Eucharistic prayer is the high point of the Mass and the most profound prayer that the church can offer. We can never understand nor appreciate fully the Mystery, the great love that God shows us in this marvelous exchange. We offer to God the gifts of bread, wine and ourselves, and God returns to us the body of Christ, his living Presence among us. The Eucharistic prayer begins with the Preface and continues through the Great Amen; the new translation will offer a more poetic wording.