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How to add your event on
Oct 20 2015
Steps for entering your events on

Discussing death with your children
Mar 23 2015
Ask any parent about his or her top priority in life and most of their answers will be same: their children.

Discussing death with your parents
Dec 09 2014
The death of a parent can be one of the most difficult times in a person or family’s life.

What happens when you’re unprepared for the inevitable?
May 08 2014
If your parent, sibling, child or best friend died today, what would you do tomorrow?

How do you control your final wish - funeral pre-need planning
Feb 21 2014
If you went to meet the Lord today, our Catholic faith affirms that the spiritual body would enter into eternal life. However, what would happen to the natural body that is left behind?

How do I get tickets to a papal Mass, general audience?
Dec 15 2013
For people who have a visit to Rome on their itinerary, it may come in handy knowing how to get tickets to a papal Mass and how to attend the pope’s Wednesday general audience.

How do we plan for life everlasting?
Nov 20 2013
Life everlasting or eternal life is a basic teaching of our Catholic Faith.

How do I go to confession after not going for many years?
Jan 31 2013
After “Bless me, Father, for I have sinned” - even if they get that far - there are millions of Catholics who don’t exactly know what to say next.

How do I get married in the Catholic Church?
Jan 23 2012
The first thing you need to do is contact your parish priest as soon as possible.

How Do I Join a Catholic Church?
Jan 23 2012
Finding the right parish as a Catholic is often difficult, but it can be among the most rewarding journeys in your faith.

How do I obtain an annulment in the Catholic Church?
Jan 23 2012
Ending a marriage in divorce can often be traumatic and painful, including for Catholics.

How do I have a child baptized in the Catholic Church?
Jan 23 2012
Congratulations on your decision to raise your children in the Catholic faith and have them baptized.