Immaculate Heart of Mary parishioners celebrate 75 years of marriage
Apr 19 2014
Immaculate Heart of Mary, Baynesville, parishioners were married during the Great Depression.

Severna Park author’s book promotes motherhood, life
Mar 08 2014
After giving birth to her daughter, 23-year-old Jillian Amodio said "a part of me just awakened."

Pope, in interview, suggests church could tolerate some civil unions
Mar 05 2014
Pope Francis suggested the Catholic Church could tolerate some types of nonmarital civil unions.

Survey shows major shift in U.S. Catholics’ view of same-sex marriage
Mar 01 2014
American Catholics’ opinions on same-sex marriage have changed dramatically in the last decade

Cardinal outlines possible paths to Communion for divorced, remarried
Feb 28 2014
The Catholic Church needs to find a way to offer healing, strength and salvation to Catholics whose marriages have failed, Cardinal Walter Kasper said.

Five facts on St. Valentine
Feb 14 2014
What do you know about the man behind Valentine's Day?

Pope says relativistic ideas of marriage lead to divorce
Feb 07 2014
Pope Francis said contemporary ideas of marriage as an arrangement defined by personal needs promote a mentality of divorce.

Love secrets: Six couples share their marriage advice
Feb 07 2014
What’s the secret to a strong marriage? See these tips.

Children of separated, divorced parents share experiences
Nov 23 2013
At age 11, Lynn Kapusinski received troubling news.

Archdiocese to survey Catholics on marriage and family
Nov 20 2013
Catholics in the Archdiocese of Baltimore will have a chance to let bishops around the world know their views about the challenges facing families today.

Marriage isn’t easy, but it’s beautiful, pope says
Oct 25 2013
he Catholic Church must help young people understand that marriage isn’t always easy, “but it is so beautiful,” Pope Francis said.

Advice to royal parents: Pray, talk to the prince about Jesus
Oct 24 2013
The leader of the worldwide Anglican Communion told the parents of the future British king to “make sure he knows who Jesus is.”