Marriage advocates stand firm as same-sex marriage passes popular vote for first time
Nov 08 2012
Traditional-marriage advocates once took solace in same-sex marriage’s voting record: In 15 years, it had never passed a popular vote.

Archbishop Lori calls same-sex marriage passage 'a wake-up call'
Nov 07 2012
Maryland and Maine were the first two U.S. states to legalize same-sex marriage by popular vote Nov. 6, breaking a 32-state streak of the public voting in favor of marriage remaining a union of one man and one woman.

Religious leaders make push for marriage in final election countdown
Nov 02 2012
Clergy representing several Christian denominations gathered in Beltsville Nov. 2 to speak against same-sex marriage and show solidarity.

Marriage more than a word, supporters say, as Maryland prepares to vote
Oct 18 2012
This is the fourth in a four-part series examining election-related issues.

MCC concerned for businesses, individuals in wake of Gallaudet controversy
Oct 11 2012
A Washington, D.C.-based university sanctions an employee for signing a petition.

Ravens center stars in Maryland ad supporting traditional marriage
Oct 05 2012
Matt Birk urges Maryland voters to vote “no” on ballot Question 6, which seeks to redefine marriage in the state

Archbishop calls for financial, grassroots support for traditional marriage
Oct 01 2012
Archbishop Lori and other leaders asked traditional-marriage backers to join efforts to overturn the state’s law legalizing same-sex marriage.

Parish, national efforts fortify marriages through ‘date nights’
Sep 15 2012
Five-and-a-half hours. That’s the amount of time each week couples should dedicate to their marriage if they want a happy relationship, according to Christine Snyder, a licensed clinical marriage and family therapist.

Essex couple’s 60th anniversary gets papal blessing
Sep 12 2012
Childhood sweethearts celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary and receive a papal blessing.

Same-sex marriage referendum wording misleading, Catholic Conference says
Aug 21 2012
The Maryland Catholic Conference says the wording of a controversial ballot question should not sway support for traditional marriage.

Deacon’s wife establishes group that prays for priests
Jul 31 2012
Parishioners frequently ask priests to pray for their needs, but how often do parishioners return the favor?

Love and loss: IND president finds love again
Jul 25 2012
One year and three weeks after her husband died, Mary Funke became acutely aware that she was alone during a Halloween party.