Sister Doloretta Francis O’Sullivan dies
Jul 29 2009
A funeral Mass was offered July 23 at Assisi House in Aston, Pa. for Franciscan Sister Doloretta Francis O’Sullivan. Sister Doloretta died July 19. She was 88.

Tired of the death and violence, city looking for answers
Jun 03 2009
Cathy McClain puts up a tough exterior. As a parishioner of St. Veronica in the oft-troubled Baltimore City neighborhood of Cherry Hill, she is active in trying to reach out to the youth of the parish.

Focus on the good
May 20 2009
Last month the headlines were filled with terrible stories of murders and suicides, of fathers killing their own families. The front pages of the newspaper always seem to have the bad news. That’s why I always turn to the good news in the back of the paper – the obituaries!

Story behind the photo: School Sister affected many in Baltimore
Nov 26 2008
Media outlets enjoy feedback – especially when it sheds light on a subject. In the Oct. 23 issue of The Catholic Review, a tribute to the School Sisters of Notre Dame included a photo of an unidentified member of the order. The day after publication, an e-mail arrived from Gerard A. Kreft, a parishioner of Church of the Annunciation in Rosedale.

Remember the unsung heroes
Nov 20 2008
The unsung heroes of life are mostly found in the obituaries! I read the ‘front’ pages of the newspaper to learn the bad news – financial disasters, political challenges and stories of murder, mayhem and misery. But the obituaries contain the stories of the people who really do make the world go round. Here I find the life stories of veterans and veterinarians, of people who build bridges and people who are members of bridge clubs, of those who are pipe fitters and those who sell pipes. Here are the stories of people who live their lives, quietly make their contributions and then move on. The world doesn’t always notice their presence, but the world is most often better for their having been here. I pray for those whose stories are there and for all the ‘faithful departed’ on a daily basis. November is not the only time to pray for the deceased.

Honoring two distinguished black Catholic women
Oct 23 2008
Last week, Father James Goode, O.F.M., from the National Black Catholic Apostolate for Life sent me the obituaries from Gertrude Morris’ and Ellen Tarry’s funeral. Over the decades, many black Catholics have come to know these two women or have benefited from their ministry. They made their mark and shed the light of faith within the church. Today, we honor them in this short article about their lives.

Sister Edith McLaughlin, O.S.F.
Feb 19 2008
A funeral Mass was offered for Sister Edith McLaughlin, O.S.F., on Feb. 20 at Assisi House in Aston, Pa. Sister Edith, formerly known as Sister Mary Thomasita, died on Feb. 14. She was 82.

Family research a passion for Cockeysville parishioner
Sep 26 2007
When Theresa Dowdall opened a Christmas gift given to her by her father a few years ago she received more than a material offering. The mother of three had in her possession an annotated sampling of her family’s past.

Beijing bishop given funeral for state leader
Apr 28 2007
BEIJING – The Chinese bishop who served in Beijing for more than 25 years was given a funeral for a state leader. A three-part funeral was held April 27 at Babaoshan Revolutionary Cemetery for Bishop Michael Fu Tieshan, 76, who died of lung cancer April 20. The cemetery is the main burial ground for revolutionary heroes and high government officials.

Philip Berrigan praised as ‘prophet of peace’ at Baltimore funeral Mass
Dec 12 2002
Hundreds of people marched through the troubled, poverty-stricken streets of west Baltimore Dec. 9 to celebrate the life of controversial Catholic peace activist Philip Francis Berrigan.