Recipe Box: Black-eyed peas with ham hocks
Dec 29 2015
Typically eaten with cornbread, this dish is a New Year’s Day tradition in the South.

Recipe Box: Oatmeal chocolate logs
Dec 23 2015
This oatmeal chocolate log recipe is perfect for Christmastime!

Lenten dinners bring family closer together
Mar 18 2015
It’s “no parents allowed” this Lent in the Smolka family kitchen.

Raspberry cake
Sep 12 2014
This raspberry cake bakes for 45-50 minutes.

Chocolate-lemon ice box dessert
Jun 18 2014
This simple cake recipe was contributed by Pat Richardson, administrative assistant at the Catholic Review.

St. John Paul II, patron of sweet tooths?: Holy Rosary bakes new saint’s favorite pastry
Apr 27 2014
It’s well-known in his native Poland that Pope John Paul II had an affection for the cream-filled pastry.

Deviled eggs recipe
Apr 17 2014
What should you do with leftover eggs from Easter? Try this deviled eggs recipe, with a slightly sweet twist.

Meatless meal: Shrimp scampi
Apr 03 2014
Try making this shrimp scampi recipe to enjoy with your family, or pick from one of the other meatless recipes.

Recipe from El Salvador: Casamiento
Feb 07 2012
This Lenten meatless dish of black beans and rice seasoned with garlic, onion and bell peppers will provide a hearty Latin American meal for your family.

Recipe from India: Tehri
Feb 07 2012
This Lenten meatless dish from Inida features sauteed vegetables, onion and chili peppers served over hot rice.

Recipes from “Taste of Catholicism”
Jan 23 2012
Potato Pancake

Apple Dumplings (German)
Jan 23 2012
Try these delicious apple dumplings

Trout (Italian)
Jan 23 2012
Try this delicious trout

Kevin’s “Rolling Scones” (British)
Jan 23 2012
Try these delicious scones

New England Clam Chowder
Jan 23 2012
Try this tasty chowder recipe!