Muskrat love: A Lenten Friday delight
Mar 11 2007
RIVERVIEW, Mich. – There’s an alternative to fish for some Michigan Catholics abstaining from meat on Fridays in Lent – muskrat. The custom of eating muskrat on Ash Wednesday and Fridays in Lent apparently goes back to the early 1800s, the time of Father Gabriel Richard, an early missionary in Michigan whose flock included French-Canadian trappers. Legend has it that because trappers and their families were going hungry not eating flesh during Lent, he allowed them to eat muskrat, with the reasoning that the mammal lives in the water.

Bee legend provides buzz at St. Ambrose
Feb 03 2007
When Joseph DeSilva of Park Heights has a sore throat, he mixes his tea with a little honey purchased at St. Ambrose and blessed by his pastor. What makes the home remedy sweeter for the South American native is the knowledge that his home parish is named after the patron saint of beekeepers and honey makers and the profits from the honey gives support to the church. “I’ve often prayed to St. Ambrose for guidance,” Mr. DeSilva said with a thick Guyana accent. “The fact that the honey I bought was blessed at St. Ambrose by Father Paul (Zaborowski, O.F.M., Cap.) gives it special meaning to me…, and I think it makes the food taste better.”

Test for video
May 15 1990
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