Holy Year of Mercy


Mercy enlightens past year, gives hope for new year, pope says
Jan 02 2016
The gift of mercy is a light that helps Christians reflect on the past year and radiates hope at the start of the new year, Pope Francis said.

Year of Mercy
Dec 21 2015
Showing mercy is the true mark of an authentic follower of Christ and a son or daughter of the Heavenly Father.

Jesus is free, salvation cannot be bought, pope says
Dec 16 2015
Pilgrims must beware of people who seek to use the Jubilee Year to profit off of them since salvation is a gift that cannot be bought, Pope Francis said.

Cumberland celebrates Pope Francis’ message of mercy
Dec 14 2015
"The idea is we allow ourselves to be enfolded by God’s mercy; then we are challenged to go out and give that mercy," Father Chervenak said.

Cathedral youths help Archbishop Lori open Year of Mercy in Baltimore archdiocese
Dec 13 2015
Leading an ancient rite Dec. 13, Archbishop William E. Lori embraced the new.

Pope Francis: The church needs this Holy Year of Mercy
Dec 09 2015
The Catholic Church needs the extraordinary Holy Year to become an effective witness of God's divine mercy, Pope Francis said.

Amen: Spread mercy every day
Dec 08 2015
Most are positioned to experience God’s mercy by exercising our spiritual muscles in accordance with our means.

Holy Year is a reminder to put mercy before judgment, pope says
Dec 08 2015
On a cloudy, damp morning, Pope Francis’ voice echoed in the atrium of St. Peter’s Basilica: “Open the gates of justice.”

During Holy Year of Mercy, Baltimore archdiocese offers eight pilgrimage sites
Dec 08 2015
Eight sites will serve as pilgrimage destinations during the jubilee that begins Dec. 8.

Pope Francis and true mercy
Dec 03 2015
When Pope Francis speaks of those on the margins, he does indeed mean people who are economically and politically disadvantaged, but he also means people who are cut off from the divine life, spiritually poor