Holy Year of Mercy


Changes to annulment process explained
Nov 30 2015
Pope Francis chose Dec. 8 as the beginning not only of the Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy, but as the date for the inauguration of changes in the church’s annulment process.

Product of synod may be a deepening of mercy
Nov 30 2015
In emphasizing mercy as the central duty of the church, the pope is affecting the way church leaders and people in the pews are thinking about family life.

Pope in Bangui: Open the doors of mercy, counter violence with love
Nov 30 2015
Put down the weapons of war and work for justice, Pope Francis urged the people of the Central African Republic.

Pope advises new bishop to have mercy, patience, short homilies
Nov 09 2015
Pope Francis pleads with new auxiliary bishop of Rome to be merciful and to give short, clear homilies.

Annulment reforms impact Baltimore
Sep 17 2015
According to Father Seitz, the pope’s changes to the annulment process will make the process more available and faster for certain parishioners.

Pope: Priests lacking mercy shouldn't hear confession; get desk job
Sep 10 2015
Pope Francis said priests must be especially merciful, adding that if that they weren't, then they should ask their bishop for a desk job and "never walk into a confessional, I beg you."

For Year of Mercy, pope extends possibilities for absolution
Sep 01 2015
In an extraordinary gesture for the Year of Mercy, Pope Francis has extended to priests worldwide the authority to absolve women for the sin of abortion.

Prisoners, volunteers, teens invited to celebrate Jubilee with pope
Jul 30 2015
More than a dozen individual celebrations will be scheduled for the Jubilee of Mercy in 2016.

Let the Year of Mercy start now
Jun 11 2015
It is easy for us to sit in judgment, to discount the violence, to block it from our minds and hearts as something that doesn’t have an effect on me, my family, my friends. To do this would be to turn one’s back on the very faith that compels us to show our compassion and our mercy to those most in need of it.

A Holy Year of Mercy
Apr 16 2015
Last Sunday, Pope Francis formally announced an extraordinary Holy Year dedicated to God’s mercy.