Letters To The Editor


Helping or exploiting the poor?
Sep 25 2012
In a recession and where there is lack of employment, money does not flow from the employer to the employee.

2012 Democratic National Convention
Sep 10 2012
The recently completed 2012 Democratic National Convention uncovered precisely who and what the liberal, progressive, secular, pro-death Democratic Party is all about. In short, they removed God from the party platform and only after news reports surfaced did they "restore" God to the platform.

Sacramento bishop lacks due diligence
Aug 30 2012
The selection of Paul Ryan as a candidate for vice president, as well as three letters and at least one article in the Catholic Review (7/12 and 8/9) about the bishops opposing Paul Ryan’s budget cry out for under-reported background information.

Questions for the nuns’ bus
Aug 30 2012
I read the letters to the editor (CR, Aug. 9) complaining of the little coverage given to the “nun’s bus tour” vs. the extensive coverage given the Walk for Religious Freedom. I personally gave strong support for the walkers and wish I would have had the physical stamina to participate.

Pray the rosary, pray for peace
Aug 30 2012
The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has advertised for a national prayer effort several times in national Catholic newspapers, such as Our Sunday Visitor. These ads call upon the laity to join them in praying for our leaders, our nation, and for the complete protection of religious liberty. Let’s get this organized the easy, holy and beautiful way in every parish.

Do the right things, the right way, for the right reason
Aug 20 2012
Congratulations to Archbishop William E. Lori on his statements at the recent Knights of Columbus convention in Anaheim, Calif. – more importantly, for his courage and leadership in making them.

‘Fortnight’ did not go far enough
Aug 06 2012
The Catholic Church’s “Fortnight for Freedom” did not go far enough because more than religious freedom is under assault.

Do “Human Development” organizations need serious oversight?
Aug 06 2012
What is there to praise about a “bottled-water free zone” in John Paul II Collegiate as recently reported on the Catholic Review Web page? I thought we stopped public water fountains (i.e. refill stations) years ago because they were health risks and wasted water.

“Nuns on the bus” deserved more coverage
Jul 24 2012
I read with interest your extensive coverage of the Fortnight for Freedom (CR, July 12). However, I was disappointed to find a very short article buried at the bottom of Page 27 regarding “The Nuns On The Bus” protest of the Paul Ryan budget.

Church must participate in process
Jul 23 2012
It is not enough to blame the Supreme Court or Congress for threats against religious liberty. It has been traditionally the job of the church to provide an antidote to the excesses of government.