Letters To The Editor


Irony in Titanic memorial
Apr 24 2012
“Libertytown remembers Titanic” (CR, April 5) mentions that the Titanic memorial at St. Peter the Apostle Church in Libertytown was blessed by Redemptorist Father Francis Klauder in April 1912.

Don’t subsidize disrespect
Apr 24 2012
What Major League Baseball management did by holding Opening Day on Good Friday, April 6, was nothing less than morally offensive to Christians and Catholics everywhere.

Liberty: A time for weeping
Apr 19 2012
We are seeing what happens when laity ignores apostolic teaching for whatever reason and bishops fail to adequately confront the laity’s misdirection. We now face a serious attack on religious liberty in this country.

Death by robo-call
Apr 05 2012
I write to announce the newest cause for sainthood, not only an American, but someone from the Archdiocese of Baltimore: Thomas P. Sheahen, confessor.

This wave is different
Apr 03 2012
In his article on immigration (CR, March 22), Bishop Mitchell Rozanski erroneously equates the illegal immigrants of today with the legal immigrants of the past.

Preach, teach and catechize
Apr 03 2012
Thank God for our newly appointed Archbishop William E Lori. May he come to know us and love us as we will surely love him.

Rosary is powerful tool
Apr 03 2012
Christianity in America is at a tipping point. Hostility toward religion has become acceptable and commonplace. God is being marginalized.

Where will it end?
Apr 03 2012
The deconstruction of Catholic teaching in Maryland continues under the guidance of our Catholic governor and his wife.

Fix unjust immigration laws rather than subvert them
Mar 22 2012
I am well aware of my foreign heritage and the sacrifices my forbears made adjusting to the law and language of this land helping to make it a much desirable place to live. So, I find disturbing the insinuation that anyone opposed to illegal immigration is opposed to immigration.

Catholic Review should have more HHS coverage
Mar 22 2012
I am perplexed and grieved as to why the Catholic Review is not providing more coverage as to the church's continuing battle with President Barack Obama and his attack on the Catholic Church via the HHS mandate. Not only is this the biggest attack of religious liberty in our lifetime, it has specific dire consequences for the church that will make her either shut down in the USA or violate her own magisterium.