Letters To The Editor


Will Catholics follow the cardinal’s lead or run as cowards?
Feb 27 2012
On Feb.18, the Baltimore Sun published an article showing how Cardinal Edwin F. O'Brien had the courage to take on the President Barack Obama and Gov. Martin J. O'Malley political organizations on matters of right and wrong.

Search for truth on same-sex marriage
Feb 27 2012
Writer urges others to "care" on issue of same-sex marriage.

Mass changes are refreshing, force one to focus
Jan 30 2012
As someone who has been Catholic for all of her 15 years, I sometimes (OK, more like most of the time) don’t appreciate the Mass as much as I ought. I try to focus, but honestly, I think we can all admit that we get distracted.

Don't just be a spectator
Jan 27 2012
I couldn't agree more with the letter from Richard L. Lelonek (CR 01-26, Football and Sunday don't mix).

Toward an informed conscience
Jan 24 2012
Republican Presidential candidate Rick Santorum was booed at a recent meeting with a group of young college Republicans for opposing same-sex marriage.

Football and Sunday don’t mix
Jan 24 2012
The third commandment to Moses was/is “keep holy the Sabbath Day.” Every religion observes a Sabbath Day. It was once always observed, but not any more. It is replaced by the false god of football (in season). Church attendance is down. Preparations for “game day” begin before sunrise for the game and parties or attendance itself rule. For a few, too, it requires desecration of the body with paint and lewd exhibition.

Less reliance needed on government
Jan 23 2012
It seems the more we rely on government for our needs, the more beholding we are to the government.