Letters To The Editor


Hobby Lobby in the right
Mar 25 2014
If the government asked me to kill someone, I hope I would refuse.

Unseemly partners in minimum wage issue
Feb 28 2014
In the minimum wage debate, I cannot support the Archdiocese of Baltimore standing silently with political leaders who advocate late term abortion and gay marriage.

Amen essay reflects self-centered approach
Jan 20 2014
“For working moms, ‘balance’ is a lie” by Staff Writer Maria Wiering reflected an off-center view of marriage.

Students drawn to Pope Francis
Jan 08 2014
We were delighted and proud to see Pope Francis honored as Time magazine’s Person of the Year.

Annulment column forgets example of the Last Supper
Jan 08 2014
I must respond to the column, “Annulment: potential for healing and growth."

Parishes invited to host Cemetery of the Innocents
Dec 19 2013
The coverage of our Cemetery of the Innocents Memorial at Our Lady, Queen of Peace Parish in Middle River in the Names & Numbers section (CR, Nov. 21) omitted some very important information.

Frederick County and west overlooked
Dec 19 2013
Elizabeth Lowe's suggestions on ways to give back this holiday season (Review in the Pew, Dec. 15) are good but show a bit of parochialism, as the archdiocese extends beyond the boundaries of Baltimore.

My cousin Monsignor Ed Miller fully embodied what a priest should be
Dec 17 2013
Monsignor Ed Miller was not just my friend, or my priest, but my cousin and my daughter’s god father.

The definition of sin
Sep 24 2013
Pope Francis is keenly aware of the church’s mission of evangelization.

More Blessed Teresas, please
Sep 24 2013
Blessed Teresa of Kolkata was once asked if it would not be better for her to spend her time lobbying for political change than caring for those already at death’s door. Her response was “You go do that. I have been called to this ministry.”