Letters To The Editor


Minimum wage historical perspective
Sep 18 2013
If one person can be considered responsible for the post-World War II West German economic “miracle,” it is Wilhelm Röpke.

Tax fairness for ‘married; gays
Sep 18 2013
Now that the IRS has ruled that “married” gay couples may enjoy preferential tax benefits, can someone please tell me why single people should be singled out (no pun intended) to pay higher rates?

Protestant bread and juice
Aug 21 2013
If a Catholic doesn’t receive Communion at a wedding ceremony in a Protestant church, does that mean the Catholic does not support the newlywed couple?

Kudos to the EnCourage group
Aug 08 2013
How wonderfully refreshing to see an article describing how we, faithful Christians, support each other in our efforts to educate ourselves and love our children who are same-sex attracted.

Broad-based response to abortion
Aug 07 2013
What if one follows their inner light and presents graphic signs of aborted fetuses?

Focus on poor and marginalized
Aug 07 2013
The editor of the Catholic Review “Nothing new under the sun” has little faith in the ability of the secular press to understand matters Catholic.

Nothing new under the sun, indeed
Aug 07 2013
I applaud Christopher Gunty’s editorial, “Nothing new under the sun."

Matt Birk deserves praise
Jun 21 2013
Congratulations to Matt Birk, former Raven, on his stand against Planned Parenthood.

Isn't Father Cibelli needed here?
Jun 06 2013
In the May 30 edition I noted a priest has been relocated from pastoral ministry at St. Joesph’s Cockeysville to serve as Cardinal O’Brien’s secretary.

Bless our priests
Jun 06 2013
After reading George Matysek Jr.’s “Thank a priest – every day," I was reminded of the daily prayers of the St. John Vianney Spiritual Motherhood Society here in our archdiocese.