Letters To The Editor


Catholic Review article is embarrassing
Feb 12 2013
The article “Why not women priests?” breaks new ground in bringing forth arguments that support an all-male clergy.

Is this the best explanation the papal theologian can offer?
Feb 12 2013
Pope Benedict XVI's announcement of his intention to resign is truly a startling development, but perhaps it does show that, in the words of Cardinal Dolan, God really is in charge.

Writer is shocked by what he read
Feb 12 2013
I am sometimes surprised by what I read in the Catholic Review, but I don’t ever remember being shocked.

Writers question editorial choices
Feb 12 2013
Every week we pray for an increase in vocations to the priesthood and the religious life. In light of this, we feel compelled to write to question the editorial choices of your newspaper.

Father appalled by reasons for the exclusion of women as priests
Feb 12 2013
As a Catholic and a father of four girls, I have struggled to explain to my daughters why their Church excludes them from the priesthood.

Identity theft is not a victimless crime
Feb 08 2013
In her article, "Welcoming strangers" (CR, Jan.24), Sister Linda Stilling recounted a sympathetic anecdote concerning an undocumented alien with a fraudulent driver's license bearing another man's photo.

Join bishops in Year of Faith effort
Feb 08 2013
The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops launched a National Prayer Movement for the Year of Faith, which ends Nov. 24. The USCCB asks all people of faith to join the movement to pray for our nation, life marriage and religious liberty. Prayer is holy, patriotic, efficacious, a spiritual work of mercy, and it works when all else fails.

Put the president’s words in context
Jan 31 2013
An article (CR, Jan. 24) about President Obama’s inauguration day cited a prayer service, the use of historic Bibles and an inaugural address “dotted with references to God-given societal rights and obligations.” The president was quoted calling for the “defense of our most ancient values and enduring ideals.”

Better examples of faith other than practices of indulgences
Jan 31 2013
I was taken back when a two-page spread (CR, Jan. 24) encouraged us to seek indulgences during the Year of Faith.

Background checks are necessary
Jan 28 2013
Many Catholic “pro-life” gun enthusiasts are against any kind of gun regulations, stating that guns protect the innocent.