Letters To The Editor


Bishops need to speak out on violence
Jan 24 2013
My lifelong study, reflection, and prayer on the mystery of Christ’s suffering and death has taught me one thing: Jesus rejected violence in any form for whatever reason. Pope John Paul II has taught that the just war is a practical impossibility in our modern world. As Jesus did and taught, so great men such as Ghandi and Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. have preached non-violence.

Remember origin of Second Amendment
Jan 18 2013
Re the letter titled “Don’t disarm the innocent” (CR, Jan. 10), restricting guns from law-abiding citizens (exclusive of the mentally ill) is an assault on our rights as Americans that cannot be tolerated.

Give the true picture
Jan 18 2013
Why give data (CR, Jan. 10) about how many Catholics are in Congress along with another photo of Nancy Pelosi? Why not give us the truth as to how these Catholic representatives really vote?

In spirit of service to the poor, bring back Beyond the Boundaries
Jan 13 2013
Thank you for the article on social justice and the works of Monsignor William Burke, Father Donald Sterling and Father Peter Lyons.

Photo sends wrong message
Jan 10 2013
How do you justify giving a photo-op (CR, Dec. 27) to Sen. Barbara Mikulski with Archbishop William E. Lori?

Therese Wilson Favors brought joy and creativity to the church
Dec 31 2012
When I saw the article in the Catholic Review announcing Therese Wilson-Favors’ retirement, it brought wonderful memories for me.

Don’t disarm the innocent
Dec 20 2012
I expect that the Catholic Review will have an editorial and articles denouncing guns following the tragedy in Connecticut.

Teacher reflects on Newtown
Dec 20 2012
After another violent attack, I pray for my students and for my strength as we try to learn in the midst of grieving the loss of many.

Lost opportunity in election
Nov 29 2012
With both vice president candidates calling themselves Catholic, that should have been a good teaching point for our Sunday sermons before the election.

Misplaced emphasis
Nov 27 2012
I wonder about Catholics fixed on one aspect of Church social doctrine (i.e. care for the poor) and focused only on its applicability to government institutions as if they were the answer to the poverty problem.