Letters To The Editor


Arguments by Nussbaum are similar to segregationists
Oct 23 2012
I am a member of St Matthew parish and a lifelong Catholic. I grew up in Macon, GA during the Jim Crow era.

Editorial on Libya attacks missed the culprit
Oct 18 2012
Christopher Gunty’s editorial (CR, Sept. 20) inappropriately blames attacks on the U.S. embassy in Libya on a video, rather than the people who committed the crime.

What about campaign funds for nuns?
Oct 15 2012
“Archdiocese launches $100 million campaign” (CR, Sept. 6) states many worthwhile proposals.

Review fails to prioritize
Oct 15 2012
Re “Year of the Dragon,” on the cover of the Catholic Review (Sept. 20). What happened to Year of the Priests or Year of Faith?

Series part 1 dismissed ‘nuns on the bus’
Sep 25 2012
“On the edge” (CR, Sept. 6) touts a color photograph of Rep. Paul Ryan holding a copy of his budget proposal and then proceeds in a paragraph to explain his rationale behind it while egregiously omitting any mention of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops who “issued an unusually strong letter in April which stated that the Ryan budget failed a basic moral test,” and then condescendingly and dismissively gives a scant one line to the “nuns on the bus.”

Why isn’t the Review supporting nominee Ryan?
Sep 25 2012
I am shocked that in “On the edge” (CR, Sept. 6), the Catholic Review would use the poor to promote President Obama in this election.

Moment of decision
Sep 25 2012
This will be one of the most consequential elections of our times. It will present us with issues with the economy, the deficit, health care, our role in the world and social concerns that affect us as Americans and as Catholics.

Editorial misses the mark
Sep 25 2012
Christopher Gunty’s editorial, “Tolerance a two-way street” (CR, Sept. 20) missed the mark.

Uphold freedoms, of religion and conscience
Sep 25 2012
Why have we allowed a money-driven special interest group to convince the government that we should sacrifice both freedom of religion and freedom of conscience? The HSS mandate does this.

Prayer to uphold sanctity of marriage
Sep 25 2012
We petitioned successfully, we are on the ballot, and we still need to vote. Now we pray: