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Legislative wrap: Minimum wage, education funds successes in election-year General Assembly
Apr 08 2014
Maryland's General Assembly adjourned April 7 - see what the Maryland Catholic Conference thought of the session.

High court hears oral arguments in companies’ challenge to HHS mandate
Mar 26 2014
The Supreme Court heard arguments March 25 on the new health care law's requirement that most employers provide contraceptive coverage.

General Assembly weighing regulation of surrogacy’s ‘Wild West’
Mar 25 2014
Parent and child rights, abortion, and baby-selling are among issues coloring the debate among Maryland legislators over a gestational surrogacy bill.

When pope and president meet, what will be said?
Mar 13 2014
Poverty, religious freedom and the church’s response to sex abuse should top the topics of conversation when the pope and president meet.

The rally that wasn’t: Strong show expected in Annapolis, but weather foiled nonpublic school lobby day
Mar 04 2014
The event offered supporters an opportunity to push for legislation benefitting nonpublic schools.

Little Sisters of Poor brief asks court to extend injunction on mandate
Feb 28 2014
The Little Sisters of the Poor religious order has asked the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to extend an injunction blocking enforcement of a federal mandate.

Archdiocese argues banning the criminal checkbox could put vulnerable at risk
Feb 27 2014
Alison D’Alessandro, director of the archdiocese’s Office of Child and Youth Protection, voiced her concerns about "Ban the Box."

At 30, Lobby Night draws legislative veterans, greenhorns
Feb 18 2014
Deacon George Sisson tried to squeeze a stuffed folder’s worth of information into the time he had his lawmakers’ attention.

As politicians, bishops take sides, minimum wage raise winners, losers uncertain
Feb 11 2014
The Maryland Minimum Wage Act proposes to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 incrementally by 2016 and index it to the cost of living.

Keep that cough at home: Bishops back sick-leave bill for low-wage workers
Feb 03 2014
If she gets sick, Amanda Rothschild, 29, doesn’t have to choose between missing work and paying bills.