Political News


Scalia, longest-serving justice on current Supreme Court, was champion of originalism
Feb 15 2016
Scalia said it wasn't his job to make policy or law, but to "say only what the law provides."

Catholics converge on Annapolis; opposing assisted suicide big draw for some
Feb 10 2016
A bill legalizing assisted suicide was a major topic at Catholic Lobby Night in Annapolis Feb. 9.

Archbishop Lori discusses religious liberty and the future at Heritage Foundation
Jan 22 2016
Archbishop Lori said the fundamental problems include “the decoupling of our basic freedoms from the search for truth.”

Interfaith rally at St. Ignatius demands paid sick leave for this year
Jan 12 2016
Representatives of several faiths gathered at St. Ignatius in Baltimore to push for the passage of paid sick leave this year.

Bigger fight against assisted suicide in Maryland expected in 2016
Jan 12 2016
It never emerged from committee for a vote last year, but the push to legalize doctor-assisted suicide in Maryland is back.

Faith leaders say refugees from Syria, elsewhere require compassion, acceptance
Nov 20 2015
A Boston cardinal and the Maryland Catholic Conference were among hundreds of faith leaders who called for compassion for refugees.

Political responsibility, pornography statements OK'd by USCCB
Nov 18 2015
The U.S. bishops approved a formal statement on pornography, and an updated revision of a statement on political responsibility.

Catholic agencies have long forged relationships with new House speaker
Oct 30 2015
With his election as speaker of the House of Representatives, Rep. Paul Ryan may have taken the most difficult job in American politics.

Vatican doesn't deny pope met Kentucky clerk, won't comment further
Sep 30 2015
The Vatican does not deny reports that while in Washington, Pope Francis briefly met with Kim Davis, the county clerk from Kentucky.

U.S. Embassy in Cuba reopens, ending 54-year diplomatic break
Aug 15 2015
Secretary of State John Kerry officially reopened the U.S. Embassy in Cuba Aug. 14.