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Re-gifting: Vatican raffles pope gifts to raise money for poor
Nov 21 2014
Like many Catholic parishes, the Vatican has turned to a raffle to raise money; the difference is, though, the prizes are items originally given as gifts to Pope Francis.

Millions could benefit from Obama’s new immigration policies
Nov 21 2014
“We’re going to keep focusing enforcement resources on actual threats to our security,” Obama said.

Jesus weeps when people do not open their hearts to him, says pope
Nov 20 2014
Conversion to Christ is a process that lasts a lifetime, Pope Francis said.

Advent ritual - Week one
Nov 20 2014
The Advent wreath should be more than a nice decoration to have around the house during the holidays.

Ten things Pope Francis needs to know about Philadelphia
Nov 20 2014
Here are 10 things the Holy Father needs to know about the City of Brotherly Love.

Pope condemns attack on Jerusalem synagogue, urges end to violence
Nov 19 2014
Pope Francis condemned the “unacceptable episodes of violence” in Jerusalem, episodes that “do not spare even places of worship.

Little acts of love, kindness and faith add up to holiness, pope says
Nov 19 2014
Pope: All Christians are called to holiness and to take even little steps each day to be more loving and more Christ-like.

Catholic doctor who treated patients in Sierra Leone dies from Ebola
Nov 18 2014
A Maryland Catholic doctor who contracted the Ebola virus while working in Sierra Leone died early Nov. 17.

Pope calls abortion, euthanasia, IVF sins ‘against God the creator’
Nov 17 2014
Pope Francis denounced a “false compassion” that would justify abortion, euthanasia, artificial reproduction technologies.

Pope says defending traditional marriage is matter of ‘human ecology’
Nov 17 2014
Pope Francis called for preserving the family as an institution based on marriage between a man and a woman.