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'We will be protected by God,' Trump declares in inaugural address
Jan 20 2017
President Donald J. Trump told the nation in his inaugural address that it need not fear in the days ahead.

HBO's 'The Young Pope' repels more than it engages
Jan 20 2017
Saddled with a cartoonish view of the church, and driven by the urge to be edgy, “The Young Pope” repels more than it engages.

U.S. abortion rate at its lowest since 1973 Supreme Court ruling
Jan 18 2017
The U.S. abortion rate is down to its lowest level since the Supreme Court made abortion legal virtually on demand in 1973.

Opus Dei to begin process to choose new prelate Jan. 21
Jan 17 2017
The three-step process to elect a new prelate for Opus Dei, the predominantly lay organization, will begin Jan. 21 with a consultation involving more than three dozen women leaders.

Pope baptizes babies born in Italian earthquake zone
Jan 17 2017
In a gesture of closeness to those who lost loved ones following several devastating earthquakes, Pope Francis baptized 13 babies from central Italy.

Vatican backs papal commission investigating Order of Malta
Jan 17 2017
The Vatican confirmed its trust in the papal commission investigating the forced resignation of the Order of Malta’s former grand chancellor following a letter by the order’s grand master to discredit the group.

USCCB forms working group to monitor needs of migrants, refugees
Jan 14 2017
Bishops and USCCB staff will be ready to respond to executive orders and legislation Congress and President-elect Trump may introduce.

Five Things to Know: Catholic Presence at the Presidential Inauguration
Jan 13 2017
Donald J. Trump will be sworn in as the 45th president of the United States Jan. 20. Here is a look at some Catholic connections to past inaugurations.

Paralyzed NYPD officer who spoke of forgiveness dies at 59
Jan 12 2017
Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan of New York called McDonald “a prophet, without speaking, of the pro-life cause.”

McDonald’s near Vatican to give free meals to the poor
Jan 12 2017
A specially prepared menu for the poor includes a double cheeseburger, fresh apple slices and a bottle of water.