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Pope, Coptic patriarch honor martyrs, urge unity for peace
Apr 28 2017
Pope Francis and Pope Tawadros walked in a short procession to the Church of St. Peter, where 29 people died and 31 were wounded Dec. 11.

Unmask violence posing as holy, pope tells religious leaders in Egypt
Apr 28 2017
Pope Francis launched a powerful call to condemn religiously inspired hatred as an idolatrous caricature of God.

Catholic chaplain accompanies anguished circus workers on final tour
Apr 27 2017
Father George ‘Jerry’ Hogan, national circus chaplain for 24 years, celebrated Easter Mass for Ringling circus staff.

Practical Christianity: Pope emphasizes real help for those in need
Apr 27 2017
Pope Francis will lead the new Section for Migrants and Refugees temporarily with the help of two undersecretaries.

Former Ravens quarterback meets Pope Francis
Apr 26 2017
As someone accustomed to the stress of the gridiron, former Ravens' quarterback Jim Harbaugh said he was touched by Pope Francis’ peaceful presence.

In TED talk, pope urges people to make real connections
Apr 26 2017
While searching for a connection today often means looking for Wi-Fi, Pope Francis said real connections between people are the only hope for the future.

Pope to Egyptians: Let papal visit be sign of friendship, peace
Apr 25 2017
“I hope that this visit will be an embrace of consolation and of encouragement to all Christians in the Middle East,” the pope said.

Pope pays tribute to modern martyrs, calls for witnesses of God’s love
Apr 24 2017
“So many Christian communities are the object of persecution today! Why? Because of the hatred of the spirit of this world,” the pope said.

‘Sister Listeners’ help Rwandans move beyond genocide
Apr 21 2017
“There are many problems in Rwanda, and many people have mental problems because of the genocide,” Sister Nyirabaganwa said.

Persecuted Christians often choose strategy of survival, says study
Apr 21 2017
The study found that Christian responses to persecution were almost always nonviolent and rarely involved acts of terrorism.