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Franciscan sisters' straw house shows off energy-efficient design
Jul 29 2014
One Ohio religious order is hoping its energy-efficient straw-bale house will encourage visitors to reduce fossil fuel consumption.

Gossip, anger, bitterness come when celibacy is sterility, pope says
Jul 28 2014
One of the dangers of a “sterile” form of celibacy is bitterness and gossip, Pope Francis told a group of priests and bishops in Caserta.

Muralist says inspiration of Holy Spirit drives her creativity, artwork
Jul 27 2014
Sister Jane Mary specializes in creating murals with religious and spiritual themes.

Study: College choices can steer men toward thinking about priesthood
Jul 26 2014
The college experience - and the Catholic college experience, especially - can influence a young man’s decision toward considering a priestly vocation.

Obama administration says it plans opt-out alternative on mandate
Jul 24 2014
The Obama administration has filed a brief indicating it plans to develop an alternative for Catholic and other religious nonprofit employers.

Free from ordeal in Sudan, woman condemned for apostasy meets pope
Jul 24 2014
Meeting a Sudanese woman who risked execution for Catholicism, the pope thanked Meriam Ibrahim for "her steadfast witness of faith."

Crash survivor has been on a mission to make flying safer for children
Jul 24 2014
A retired flight attendant has been petitioning for child safety seats to be required on all commercial airline flights.

Esperanza plays crucial role in connecting unaccompanied minors to family
Jul 23 2014
Williams Guevara-Martinez was almost 17 when he left San Salvador, El Salvador, and headed north with three other youth.

Technicians dressed in cleanroom suits to prevent contamination load cargo in ATV George Lemaitre. The spacecraft is set for launch the night of July 29-30 on a resupply mission to the International Space Station. (Courtesy European Space Agency) CNS Blog: Belgian priest mathematician heads to space station - in name only
Jul 23 2014
The European Space Agency has named the next supply mission to the International Space Station for Msgr. Georges Lemaitre, a Belgian mathematician.

Maryland bishops call for compassion for vulnerable immigrant children
Jul 23 2014
Archbishop William E. Lori was among the bishops that issued the following statement July 23, “Bishops call for compassion in addressing needs of vulnerable immigrant children.”