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House limits number allowed in chamber to hear papal address to Congress
Jul 29 2015
House members voted July 28 to limit the number of people allowed in the House Chamber Sept. 24 when Pope Francis addresses a joint meeting of Congress.

Catholic officials, others react to Boy Scouts’ decision to allow openly gay leaders
Jul 29 2015
The Boy Scouts of America’s decided July 27 to allow openly gay troop leaders and employees to serve in their ranks at the national level.

New Gallup poll shows pope’s favorability drops among Americans
Jul 28 2015
A new Gallup poll shows that the favorability rating for the pontiff among U.S. respondents is down.

World Youth Day registration begins; pope is first person to sign up
Jul 27 2015
Pope Francis was the first pilgrim to sign up for World Youth Day to be held in Poland, launching the opening of registration.

Priests who enlist as military chaplains answering 'a call within a call'
Jul 26 2015
Since the terrorist attacks of 9/11, the number of active-duty chaplains has fallen from over 400 priests to 228.

Lafayette bishop offers prayers in wake of theater shooting
Jul 25 2015
Bishop Michael Jarrell of Lafayette offered prayers and sympathy to the victims of a multiplex cinema shooting July 23 in Lafayette.

Cardinal Baum, longest serving U.S. cardinal, witnessed and made history
Jul 25 2015
Cardinal William W. Baum, the archbishop of Washington from 1973 to 1980, died July 23 at the age of 88.

Nuns ask court for protection from complying with HHS mandate, fines
Jul 24 2015
In a July 23 filing with the U.S. Supreme Court, the Little Sisters of the Poor have asked the court for relief from being forced to comply with the federal contraceptive mandate or face heavy fines.

Polish bishops condemn IVF law, warn Catholics to not use process
Jul 23 2015
Poland's Catholic bishops condemned a law allowing state funding for in vitro fertilization, signed into law July 22 by President Komorowski.

New video released with Planned Parenthood official discussing abortion
Jul 23 2015
Lawmakers and pro-life leaders said the videos document the organization’s illicit activities in selling organs and tissue procured in abortions.