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'Dei Verbum' at 50: Where have all the Bibles gone?
Nov 28 2015
With so many Bibles available worldwide, why are there still Christians with limited knowledge or access to the word of God?

Honor your martyrs by putting faith into action, pope tells Ugandans
Nov 28 2015
Pope Francis encouraged Ugandan Christians to draw inspiration from the 19th-century Ugandan Martyrs.

Choice is clear, pope says: Protect environment or destroy it
Nov 27 2015
The international community is facing a stark and serious choice, "either to improve or to destroy the environment," Pope Francis said. ​

Arriving in Kenya, pope says tolerance, respect are keys to peace
Nov 25 2015
Pope Francis arrived in Kenya Nov. 25 urging tolerance and respect among people of different religions and different ethnic groups.

Day’s granddaughter urges Catholics to speak out against war, injustice
Nov 25 2015
Like her famous relative, Dorothy Day's granddaughter speaks out against war and injustice.

Education is too selective, elitist, pope says
Nov 23 2015
Pope Francis is warning against Catholic education becoming elitist.

Freelancing the religious life: An 'urban hermit' tells her story
Nov 21 2015
Julia Bolton Holloway is a Catholic "urban hermit" who practices contemplative solitude.

Faith leaders say refugees from Syria, elsewhere require compassion, acceptance
Nov 20 2015
A Boston cardinal and the Maryland Catholic Conference were among hundreds of faith leaders who called for compassion for refugees.

Mexican priest found dead with possible signs of torture
Nov 20 2015
A Mexican priest has been found dead in the state of Puebla with possible signs of torture, four days after disappearing in mysterious circumstances.

If miracle approved, Blessed Teresa could be canonized Sept. 4
Nov 19 2015
Blessed Teresa of Kolkata could be canonized Sept. 4.