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Typhoon ravages Philippines; response slowed because of Christmas holiday
Dec 28 2016
Government and aid workers on holiday leave as Typhoon Nock-Ten hits northern Philippines.

Pope asks people to offer love, tears, prayers for persecuted Christians
Dec 27 2016
On feast of St. Stephen, first martyr, Pope Francis cites courage of Iraqi Christians.

Pope creates group to foster dialogue after ouster in Order of Malta
Dec 27 2016
Special working group created to resolve concerns after forced resignation.

World scarred by war, greed must welcome prince of peace, pope says
Dec 26 2016
The pope prayed that peace come to people who suffer because of the "economic ambitions of the few" and the "idolatry of money."

Jerusalem archbishop: Mideast Christians suffer but keep faith strong
Dec 22 2016
Archbishop Pizzaballa blamed Mideast violence on the arms trade, power interests and “relentless fundamentalism.”

Reform is more than just a face-lift, pope tells Curia
Dec 22 2016
The reform of the Roman Curia is not a mere face-lift to rejuvenate an aging body but a process of deep, personal conversion, Pope Francis said.

Pope denounces ‘homicidal madness’ after attacks in Berlin, Ankara
Dec 20 2016
Pope Francis called for an end to terrorism following a string of deadly attacks in Berlin and Ankara.

Obama signs bipartisan international religious freedom bill
Dec 19 2016
The new law gives the Obama administration and the U.S. State Department new tools, resources and training to counter extremism and combat a worldwide escalation of persecution of religious minorities.

Homeless, prisoners among pope’s birthday well-wishers
Dec 19 2016
According to the Vatican press office, more than 70,000 birthday emails were sent to Pope Francis.

Put aside ideology and work to rebuild Aleppo, say Catholic leaders
Dec 18 2016
“We are praying for Aleppo and all of Syria to have peace again,” Catholic Patriarch Gregoire III Laham said.