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Vatican conference unites science and religion’s search for truth
May 12 2017
Science and religion are not at odds but are united in the continuing search for truth in unlocking the mysteries of the cosmos.

Catholic mom sees her 11 children as greatest Mother’s Day gift
May 12 2017
Mother’s Day will greet Amy Laddbush of Bowie with plentiful sounds as her husband and 11 children clamor to express their appreciation.

South Korean Catholics hope new president can unify nation
May 11 2017
Catholics in South Korea have high expectations for unity, equality and an end to corruption under the country’s newly elected president, Moon Jae-in.

Priest kidnapped in Yemen pleads for help in video message
May 09 2017
The heavily bearded and very thin Father Uzhunnalil is shown seated with a cardboard sign in his lap with the date April 15, 2017.

Devil, not invaders, biggest enemy at hand, pope tells Swiss Guard
May 08 2017
New recruits pledge to "faithfully, loyally and honorably" serve and protect the pontiff and, if necessary, sacrifice their lives for him.

U.S. bishops’ committee chairman: Fix flaws in American Health Care Act
May 05 2017
“It is deeply disappointing that the voices of those who will be most severely impacted were not heeded,” Bishop Dewane said.

Church leaders view religious freedom order as positive step
May 04 2017
Cardinal DiNardo said the executive order “begins the process of alleviating the serious burden of the HHS mandate.”

Pope Francis to meet Trump at Vatican May 24
May 04 2017
President Donald Trump will visit the Vatican and meet with Pope Francis May 24 as part of his first foreign trip as president.

Pope advances sainthood causes of U.S. priest, Vietnamese cardinal
May 04 2017
Father Casey (1870-1957) was known for his great faith, humility and compassion and for his ministry as spiritual counselor.

Belgian Brothers to allow euthanasia for nonterminal psych patients
May 03 2017
Carine Brochier is certain that political and financial pressure was exerted on the Brothers of Charity Group to allow euthanasia.