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Ash Wednesday: Ancient tradition still thrives in modern times
Feb 26 2017
Parish priests say they get more people at church that day than almost any other – excluding Christmas and Easter.

Discovery of Earth-sized planets boosts hope of finding alien life
Feb 24 2017
The discovery has revealed the highest number of Earth-sized planets revolving around a single parent star, said Father David Brown.

If the shoe fits: Papal remarks on immigration apply to U.S., too
Feb 23 2017
When Pope Francis affirms basic Christian principles, he is not singling out one person or nation, but he definitely is not excluding them either.

Trump administration announces wide-ranging immigration guidelines
Feb 23 2017
Catholic leaders have been urging dignity and respect for migrants and have acknowledged the rampant fear among communities.

Norma McCorvey, plaintiff in Roe ruling who later became pro-life, dies
Feb 21 2017
Norma McCorvey, the plaintiff “Jane Roe” in the Supreme Court’s 1973 Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion virtually on demand, died Feb. 18 at an assisted-living facility in Katy. She was 69.

Populism fueling self-centered rejection of migrants, pope says
Feb 21 2017
Indifference, fueled by populist rhetoric, fans the flames of rejection that threaten the rights and dignity of migrants, Pope Francis said.

Pope's tip for becoming a saint: Pray for someone who doesn't like you
Feb 20 2017
Forgiveness, the pope said, is the path toward holiness and toward peace.

Counteract vitriol by toning it down, talking less, listening more, pope says
Feb 17 2017
“It necessary to tone it down a bit, to talk less and listen more,” the pope told students and others at Rome Tre University.

Archbishop Lori and other USCCB leaders urge Trump to protect religious liberty
Feb 17 2017
Catholic Church leaders in a Feb. 16 statement said they were encouraged that President Donald Trump may be considering an executive order to protect religious freedom.

God will ask an account for blood spilled in today’s wars, pope says
Feb 16 2017
Humankind will have to answer to God for the bloodshed of the innocent victims of war, Pope Francis said.