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In talk with top diplomat, bishop stresses church concern for common good
Mar 24 2017
Bishop Cantu said he let Tillerson know “that our only motive is to help build the common good, that we don’t have ulterior motives."

U.S. Catholics asked ‘to accompany’ migrants, refugees seeking better life
Mar 22 2017
The bishops urged Catholics to pray for an end to the root causes of violence and other circumstances forcing families to flee their homeland to find a better life

Famine, worsened by war, threatens South Sudanese, official says
Mar 22 2017
Half of the 5 million people in South Sudan, wrought by civil war, are on the brink of starvation.

Examination of Mencken’s writings on religion has lessons for today
Mar 21 2017
As Hart notes, Mencken had the “capacity to expose civil religion’s pretense, idealism and hollowness.”

Czech Cardinal Vlk, former window-washer, clandestine priest, dies
Mar 21 2017
Czech Cardinal Miloslav Vlk, who washed windows and ministered underground during communism, died of cancer March 18.

Confirmation hearings open for Trump’s Supreme Court nominee
Mar 21 2017
Gorsuch, who attended a Jesuit-run Catholic high school in Maryland, Georgetown Preparatory School, is an Episcopalian.

Pope apologizes for Catholics' participation in Rwanda genocide
Mar 20 2017
Pope Francis "conveyed his profound sadness, and that of the Holy See and of the church, for the genocide against the Tutsi."

Pope presides over Lenten penance service at Vatican
Mar 18 2017
After urging priests to be generously available for the sacrament of penance, Pope Francis went to confession, then offered the sacrament to seven Catholics.

Trump vows to keep fighting for travel ban blocked again by courts
Mar 18 2017
President Donald Trump, during a campaign rally in Nashville, vowed to fight the latest court ruling blocking his executive order temporarily suspending immigration from six Muslim-majority countries and refugee resettlement all the way to the Supreme Court.

Canadian religious travel to meet members of First Nations
Mar 16 2017
"We are increasingly conscientious about First Nation heritage," said the Rev. Richard Bonetto. "And more respectful too.”