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Loyola University Maryland administrator is Bellarmine’s first female president
Mar 03 2017
Susan M. Donovan – the first woman to be appointed president of Bellarmine University in Louisville – told students, faculty and staff during a welcoming reception Feb. 22 that she felt “called to lead” the Catholic school.

Faith can’t grow without temptation, pope tells Rome priests
Mar 02 2017
Faith is a continuing path of growth and maturity that cannot progress without the presence of temptations, Pope Francis told priests of Rome.

#Ashtags: When posting Ash Wednesday photos, use your head
Mar 01 2017
The online posting of one’s ashes, often marked in the form of a cross on the forehead, thrills some people and disappoints others.

Lent is time to relive exodus from slavery to freedom, pope says
Mar 01 2017
To open a path toward the freedom of eternal life, the pope said, Jesus gave up the trappings of his glory, choosing humility and obedience.

Abuse survivor quits papal body, citing Vatican resistance to safeguarding
Mar 01 2017
One of the founding members and the last remaining abuse survivor on the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors has quit over what she described as resistance coming from Vatican offices against implementing recommendations.

Local bishop says again Mary is not appearing in Medjugorje
Feb 28 2017
“The Virgin Mary has not appeared in Medjugorje,” said Bishop Ratko Peric of Mostar-Duvno, the diocese in Bosnia-Herzegovina, which includes Medjugorje.

Don’t worry how it’s spent, always give homeless a handout, pope says
Feb 28 2017
Giving something to someone in need “is always right,” the pope said, and it should be done with respect and compassion.

Ecumenism is a common journey, not a lab experiment, pope says
Feb 27 2017
The path toward Christian unity can’t be found isolated in a laboratory hashing out theological differences, Pope Francis said.

Ash Wednesday: Ancient tradition still thrives in modern times
Feb 26 2017
Parish priests say they get more people at church that day than almost any other – excluding Christmas and Easter.

Discovery of Earth-sized planets boosts hope of finding alien life
Feb 24 2017
The discovery has revealed the highest number of Earth-sized planets revolving around a single parent star, said Father David Brown.