Take a ‘white gloves’approach to new missal
Nov 23 2011
Way back in the 1960s, when all the various changes were taking place in the church after Vatican II, there were countless gatherings explaining the various changes. At one meeting, whenever a question was asked about why a particular change was made, the speaker always replied, “It’s the work of the Holy Spirit.” Having heard this comment over and over, one lady finally raised her hand and said: “Well, the Holy Spirit sure says a lot of things the Holy Ghost never said.”

Do the things you want in retirement
Nov 17 2011
The Merriam-Webster Dictionary lists one of the definitions for “resort” as “a place providing recreation and entertainment especially to vacationers.”

Plenty to see and do in independent living
Nov 17 2011
When it comes to activities for seniors in independent living, choice is a constant. Today’s independent living communities schedule an enormous number of activities and events. And while no one could do it all, the breadth and number of choices means there’s something for everyone.

At 83, Honduran priest returns to help his country face its past
Oct 15 2011
SANTA ROSA DE COPAN, Honduras – An 83-year-old Honduran priest has returned from exile to help the Central American nation face its past.

How Insensitive
Oct 06 2011
October is the month each year when the Catholic Church throughout the United States observes Respect Life Month. It is a 40-year-old tradition and a time when we raise awareness of the Church’s belief in the inherent equality and transcendent value of every human being, a belief that serves as the foundation of the Church’s teaching on issues ranging from capital punishment and end-of-life care to Catholic social teaching, immigration and racism.

Dolores Hope dies at age 102; was supporter of numerous Catholic causes
Sep 21 2011
LOS ANGELES – Dolores Hope, a lifelong Catholic who was the widow of comedian Bob Hope and an entertainer in her own right, died Sept. 19 at age 102 at her home in Toluca Lake outside of Los Angeles.

Does Mario go to Mass? Catholic gamers and the video game industry
Sep 17 2011
NEW YORK – Is it possible to be a faithful Catholic and a video gamer?

New York Dominican community lavishes care on the terminally ill
Aug 08 2011
HAWTHORNE, N.Y. – “If you have to be terminal, this is the place to come,” said Harriet Boyle, as the sun poured into her room through huge windows.

‘Day in the life’ varies, according to individual
Aug 04 2011
As families investigate different levels of elder care available for loved ones, developing a day-to-day mental picture of a facility or type of care can be as important as the basic facts.

Lessons in having it all
Jul 28 2011
Someone once wisely said, “Money can’t buy happiness, but we’re all willing to give it a second chance!”