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Movie Review: Snowden
Sep 21 2016
Holed up in a Hong Kong hotel on the eve of his epochal leak, Edward Snowden (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) recalls the events of his life.

Movie Review: 'Sully'
Sep 12 2016
Hanks is in his element conveying the understated heroism of the aviator who landed his plane on the Hudson River.

Movie Review: 'Morgan'
Sep 08 2016
In the “humanoid made from synthetic DNA” genre, “Morgan” omits even an occasional reflection on what it means to have a human moral sense.

Movie Review: 'The Light Between Oceans'
Sep 01 2016
After fighting in World War I, Tom Sherbourne (Michael Fassbender) returns home to Australia a broken man.

Movie Review: ‘War Dogs’
Aug 25 2016
Two young Florida men become improbable arms merchants in “War Dogs”.

Movie Review: 'Ben-Hur'
Aug 18 2016
The bad news for believers is that, primarily because of a poorly written script, this “Ben-Hur” fails to convince when Wallace’s religious theme comes to the fore.

Movie Review: 'Pete’s Dragon'
Aug 11 2016
The classic boy-and-his-dog story assumes outsized proportions in “Pete’s Dragon”, a warmhearted fantasy adventure suitable for teens and their elders.

Movie Review: 'Suicide Squad"
Aug 10 2016
Initially stylish but ultimately ridiculous and chaotic, the DC comics-based adventure “Suicide Squad” (Warner Bros.) also features some dubious moral values.

Movie Review: 'Jason Bourne'
Aug 03 2016
Nearly all of the characters in "Jason Bourne" (Universal) are under surveillance, being hacked, or in the gun sight of a government assassin.

Movie Review 'Ice Age: Collision Course'
Jul 27 2016
Scrat’s chase also gets the plot rolling when he inadvertently sets a giant asteroid on a potentially cataclysmic collision course with the Earth.

Movie Review: 'Star Trek Beyond'
Jul 22 2016
"Star Trek Beyond" is a rousing and rambunctious 3-D adventure, directed at a furious pace by Justin Lin.

Movie Review: 'Ghostbusters'
Jul 18 2016
The plot of this 3-D “Ghostbusters” (Columbia) runs a similar course to that of its long-ago progenitor.